“It was a good thing that Uncle Kang was still there and that Mr. Lee was in a good mood or else that might have ended disastrously.”

Sooyeon and Yuri were once again walking back home. They have just passed by the still mysteriously open bookstore where Sooyeon dropped the item she had found earlier that day using the same procedure that she did the first time. They are now at the premises of a certain park, one block from the rented place where they are staying at.

Yuri once again started laughing hard and she reminisced what had happened a while ago.

“Yah! How could I have known that that man was Mr. Lee! I was doing something else! And… and no one told me!”

Yuri, who was still laughing hard, tried to stop her laughter in order to be able to speak. But she failed terribly.

“Hahahahaha… You could have seen your face when you saw who you were actually talking to. Hahahahaha!”


Sooyeon  slapped Yuri on the shoulder and glared at her. This caused the latter to stop laughing and to swallow her saliva in fear. Sooyeon continued to intensify her glare for a few seconds before finally bursting out laughing. She then ran a few meters away from the now confused Yuri before sticking her tongue out the latter.

“Hahaahaha… You should have seen your face Yuri!”

Yuri finally realizing what the other has done started running after her. Sooyeon then ran behind one of the trees playfully but emerged immediately the moment she heard a yelp. She then saw Yuri struggling while being dragged by two men before she herself felt a hand on her mouth and other hands dragging her deeper into the park.

The End

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