A Late Visitor

Sooyeon was still arranging things on the counter when she heard the door of the café open. Without even looking, her answer has been immediate as what she has been doing these past few nights.

“We are already closed for the night. Please come again at 9 o’clock tomorrow.”

“Yes I know that you’re already close. That the exact reason why I decided to drop by.”

The rather arrogant tone of the voice made Sooyeon suddenly lift her head in annoyance.

“Sir, I said that…”

Sooyeon was going to tackily repeat her answer when she suddenly recognized who the man was.

“Mr. Lee… Uhh… Welcome…”

Sooyeon nervously looked around at the horrified expression of the Generation café crew and the amused expression of the man in front of the glass door, Mr. Lee, the co-owner of the Generation Café.

The End

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