It was already closing time and the whole Generation Café crew were now tidying up the place. Seohyun was wiping the last table clean, Yoona, Yuri and Hong Ki were finishing up the remaining dishes and Sooyeon was wiping the counter top.

Mr. Kang, then emerged from the storage room and a slowly approached the counter. Sooyeon, being very busy tidying up the counter, did not even notice when Mr. Kang approached. The old man leaned on the counter and stared at the still busy Sooyeon, apprehensively. After a few seconds of staring, the old man decided to speak.

“Uhm... Sooyeon…”

Sooyeon head jerked up in surprise at the sudden sound. This reaction made the old man smile.

“Un... Uncle Kang…”

Why did I not hear him approach?

“You seem jumpy today…” The old man sighed. “Is it because of what I did a while ago?” He looked at Sooyeon apologetically. “I want to apologize Sooyeon. I’ve handled the matter, harsher than I should have. I shouldn’t have shouted at you.”

Sooyeon placed the rug back to a drawer on the counter before standing up and facing Mr. Kang. She shook her head and smiled.

“No Uncle. I was at fault there. I should have considered the consequences of my actions first, before acting up.” She bowed down at the old man. “I’m really sorry.”

The girl’s words and actions visibly surprised not only Mr. Kang but also the whole crew who were secretly listening. But Mr. Kang deciding to just hide his surprise, merely nodded and smiled before walking towards the locker room.

Looks like my Sooyeon is maturing fast.

A small smile graved Yuri’s lips as she, Yoong and Hong Ki closed the slightly ajar door of the kitchen. Yoong and Hong Ki then went back to playfully wiping the washed dishes while Yuri slightly opened the door again to peek at Sooyeon who was now arranging some things on the counter.

The Sooyeon before would have whined and asked for forgiveness in a more dramatic way…

Yuri’s smile widened.

You never fail to amaze me each day Sooyeon. And what amazes me more is the magical effect that your sudden maturity has on me.

 Yuri left the door to close by itself as she got absorbed in her own world.

The End

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