And that someone looks furious.

“U… Uncle Kang…”

The old man stared at Sooyeon. He had his arms akimbo. He furrowed her brow further at Sooyeon before pointing at the counter.

“Why did you leave Yoong at the counter? She’s been having a hard time and the costumers are starting to complain! I even have to leave the kitchen just to fetch you! What took you so long anyway?! Get back there now!”

Mr. Kang’s face was so red… in anger. Seeing that, Sooyeon looked and down and uttered a quick “I’m sorry” before running towards the counter to help Yoong. Upon arriving at the counter, her hand unconsciously went at the inside pocket of her apron and touched the item inside before taking a peek at the now walking Mr. Kang.

He sure is scary when he’s angry.

A mental note to self: be careful next time.

The End

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