Second Exhibit?

Sooyeon glanced around and noticed the lack of menus. There were too many customers and she and Yoona were on the counter.

            This is my chance. The only place I haven’t seen yet is the storage room. I’ll go there in the pretense of getting some menus.

            “Yoong, could you cover up for me for a while? I’ll just get some menus. Looks like were short of them. Yuri and Hyunnie’s hands are full.”

            “Ok Unnie. Just be quick. There are too many people today.”

            Sooyeon just nodded at her dongsaeng and quickly walked towards the storage room. She turned on the lights and located the menus first before proceeding to searching the room. She took out a small flash light and started the grid method. Suddenly, something on the side of the room sparkled when hit by the light of the flashlight. Sooyeon  walked towards the thing. She wore a glove on her right hand before picking the shining thing up.

            A small lava lamp? What is this doing here?

            Sooyeon took out a small plastic bag from her pocket and dropped the small cylindrical lava lamp inside it.

            Too bad I can’t stay longer. They might get suspicious.

Sooyeon then dropped the plastic on the inside pocket of her apron and picked up the menus she took earlier. She rushed towards the door and opened it… only to find someone in front of the door.

The End

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