The Result of the First Exhibit

Sooyeon slowly opened the door of her room and peeked outside. Upon making sure that Yuri was indeed still inside her room, she closed the door of her own room and made her way towards the kitchen. She took a chair and placed it in front of the sink. After climbing on top of the chair, she opened the top most cabinet and after a few seconds of rummaging, took out a canned good. She then immediately went down the chair, placed the chair back to its original position and carried the canned good back to her room.

She made sure that the door was locked before she plopped herself on the floor.

Her careful hand slowly placed the canned good down before reaching under her bed for something. Out came the knife that opened the canned good. Once the can was opened, she placed the knife back to its original place, turned the can upside down and dropped its contents on her hand. A little ear piece and a small ball landed on her palm, the former she immediately placed on her ear and the latter she opened, revealing two transparent thin gloves that she immediately wore. She then dropped the can on the trash bin before plopping back to the floor.

Her eyes surveyed the area of the floor and then focused on a singled tile. She carefully peeled that small tile off the floor and when it was fully removed, she pressed her thumb on the space left before replacing back the small tile. She then pushed down that portion of the floor. It went down a few centimeters and then suddenly slid towards the left revealing yet another hidden compartment. She took out from that compartment a thin laptop and placed it on her lap. She opened it and tapped a few keys, the keys illuminating at every touch of her gloved fingers.

            “The results.”

            The laptop screen suddenly showed several pictures, pictures that zoomed in sync with a certain voice coming from the ear piece.

            “The material is a part of a hypodermic needle with traces of citric acid, diacetylmorphine and blood. A combination that when added with water would mean what is commonly called “mainlining” or the injection of heroine into the body using a syringe and a hypodermic needle.”

            Diacetylmorphine? Hypodermic needle? What are those things doing in the orphanage?


            “Uhh.. Yes Miss Lee. Thank you for the fast information. Tell Sir Dellray to send a small team to investigate the abandoned orphanage especially the backyard part where the swings are located. And ow… give me all the information you can find about a certain Mr. Lee, co-owner of the Generation Café. Add it to all the information we have dug up and then find a connection between him and everyone else. Ciao.”

            Sooyeon removed the receiver from her ear and placed it and the thin laptop back to the hidden compartment. She then pushed the top most tile on the right of the compartment with both hands and slowly the hidden compartment closed and the floor was once again complete as if nothing happened. She then removed the thin gloves on her hands and placed it on the back of her cabinet.

Sooyeon plopped herself on her bed and stared at the ceiling.

            Mainlining? What does it have to do with everything? I have to find out more… and soon.

The End

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