The Man Behind It All

Four men were silently waiting on the same dark alleyway. Their leader was leaning on a wall and smoking nervously. He kept on glancing at the end of the alleyway and down to his feet. Suddenly, sounds of cars approaching were heard. The sound got nearer and nearer and the four men stood up straight and patiently waited. After a while, a matte black lexus is350 emerged and slowly stopped at the end of a long alleyway followed by two other black vehicles. Four huge men immediately went out of the two other vehicles just as the driver of the lexus went out to open the back door. The driver, the four men, as well as the four men who waited on the alleyway bowed down just as a gray haired man emerged from the black car.

            The gray haired man inserted his hand on his pocket and smiled. He looked pleased to see the four men who are now standing in front of him.


            “Looks like you’ve moved too slowly this time…”

            The man called Señor looked at the leader of the group and smiled at him. The leader cringed and looked down.

            “Anyway… So… What did you find out?”

            The leader of the group lifted his head and looked at the man’s eyes.

            “She was not able to tell the police anything since apparently, she was suffering from a kind of amnesia caused by trauma. The police also passed it as robbery and stopped at that at Yuri’s request. It appears that Yuri herself does not want to continue the investigation maybe because of the money problems or maybe because she was already convinced with the findings. So for now Señor we could continue the operation without any trouble. And there won’t be any trouble as long as she would not remember anything…”

            The Señor’s smile widened.

            “Are you suggesting that we leave her alone?...”

            “No Señor. I’m just…”

            The still smiling man cut him with a wave of his hand.

            “Tsk tsk tsk. Looks like you’re becoming soft Khun.”

            Señor extended his hand and lightly slapped the leader several times. The leader closed his eyes for a second, expecting extreme pain, but none came. He immediately opened his eyes to find Señor watching him, amusement evident in his eyes. Señor then suddenly smirked before delivering a powerful punch that made the leader tumble down. His associates rushed towards him and tried to get him up before Señor kicks him. He painstakingly stood up and tried to ignore the pain.

            “Next time, don’t speak nonsense.”

            “Ye… Yes, Señor.”

            The leader fixed his feet and tried to look straight at Señor, seemingly unfazed. Señor looked at him and smiled.

            “I want you and your men to stop lazing around and get your job done. I want that girl dead as soon as possible, understood?”

            The leader of the group nodded.

            “Yes Señor. As you wish.”

            The leader’s answer made the elderly man smile. He tapped the leader’s shoulder before turning around and walking back to his lexus. Right after the elderly man went inside his car, the car zoomed out of the premises followed by the other two black cars.

The End

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