Part 7 (First Exhibit?)

Sooyeon surveyed the books at the far end of the book shelf. It was the shelf hidden from the view outside because of the walls of the bookstore. Sooyeon read all the side titles of the books until she found what she was looking for. Upon seeing the book, she immediately looked left and right, making sure that no one was around, which was relatively easy since only she and Yuri were inside the bookstore, before taking out the book from the shelf. Sooyeon touched the back part of the now empty space, feeling for something. After a few seconds, she found what she was looking for, a small bump at the back of the space. She applied pressure at the bump and a small opening immediately appeared. She then reached for her bag and took out a plastic bag with a thin needle like item inside. It seems to be part of something, a syringe perhaps? She needed more information and that's why she's doing this now.

She placed the plastic bag inside the small compartment and pressed the small bump again. This time, the compartment disappeared and the back of the shelf looked normal again, like there wasn’t really a hidden compartment after all. Sooyeon placed the removed book back to its original place before turning to a book at the lower part of the shelf. She uttered a soft “done” before pulling out a book from the adjacent shelf and standing up. She walked briskly out of the shelves and towards the counter where Yuri was waiting. She smiled at Yuri and pulled the latter towards the counter. They then hurriedly paid for the book before bowing to the man on the counter and going straight out.

It was such a peaceful cold night.

The End

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