Part 6

Sooyeon and Yuri were walking side by side silently. Their shift just ended and they decided to just walk back home. Sooyeon said that it will save money and that it was safe anyway since there were many streetlamps. Yuri had no choice but to agree. And now, a comfortable silence was enveloping the two as they walk. No one dared talk for fear of shattering the comforting silence but suddenly, Sooyeon stopped and looked at an illuminated bookstore nearby. Apparently, at this time of the night, it was still open.

            Sooyeon face palmed herself.

            Aish… How could I forget?

            Yuri, sensing the sudden change of atmosphere, glanced at the girl beside her.

            “Is something wrong Sooyeon?”

            Sooyeon forced a smile and looked at the worried Yuri.

            “Uhh.. Nothing Yuri… Ahm.. I was just thinking…”

            They now stopped walking as Yuri looked at Sooyeon suspiciously. Suddenly, Sooyeon faced Yuri and smiled sweetly. She then pointed to the still open bookstore.

            “Can we pass by that bookstore? I promise it will be just for a few minutes! Please?”

            The sudden show of aegyo left Yuri momentarily dumbfounded and mute.

            So cute…


            Sooyeon waved her two hands in front of the zoning out Yuri and called her name. This brought Yuri out of the sudden spell. Sooyeon then pouted and looked at her curiously.

            “Were you listening to me?”

            “Huh? Oh.. Of course! Uhh I mean, of course we could pass by the bookstore but only just for a while because it’s already late…”

            Yuri’s voice trailed as she stared curiously at the bookstore not far away.

            “Considering that fact… I’m now wondering why this bookstore is still open at this time…”


Sooyeon once again waved her hand in front of Yuri.

            “You were saying something?”

            “Huh? no I’m not. I said let’s go…”


            Sooyeon then ran and dragged Yuri towards the bookstore even before the latter finished her sentence. The chimes on top of the door made a pleasant sound when Sooyeon pushed the door open. She looked around the bookstore and smiled. The man behind the counter immediately smiled and greeted them the moment they entered the bookstore. Yuri and Sooyeon smiled back and just curtly gave the man a bow and a good evening. They then proceeded inside and in excitement, Sooyeon let go of Yuri’s hand. The latter slowly halted and looked at her hand in surprise. She noticed the emptiness that the absence of Sooyeon’s hand brought.

            Why? We often hold hands before but only now have I felt this extremely strong longing gripping my being.

            “Yuri? Quit zoning out will you!”

            Sooyeon’s playful shout brought Yuri out of reverie. She lifted her head up to look at Sooyeon who immediately stuck her tongue out at her before disappearing behind a bookshelf. Yuri can’t help but smile at Sooyeon’s antics.

            “I’ll just wait for you here!”

            Yuri leaned on the side of the counter and surveyed the bookstore.

            Since when did you like bookstores Sooyeon?

            Yuri smiled upon the remembrance of the other girl’s smile.

            Sooyeon, whether you remember our memories or not, I’d be contented to just be with you all the days of my life. I could no longer wish for anything else… For you are alive and here by my side…

The End

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