Part 5

An elderly man slowly surveyed the whole café with Mr. Kang in tow. He was holding a folder and reading it while asking Mr. Kang questions once in a while. He then stopped in front of Sooyeon who was then behind the counter.

            “Sooyeon. I heard what happened to you. How are you now?”

            Sooyeon apprehensively answered because of the friendly tone of the man. She inhaled deeply and forced a smile before uttering a response.

            “I’m quite alright now Mr. Lee. Thank you.”

            Mr. Lee just smiled at her before continuing his inquiries about the café. After completing the monthly check-up of the café, he bade the workers as well as Mr. Kang a goodbye before leaving.

            “He’s quite a friendly owner…”

            Sooyeon commented right after Mr. Lee left.

            “He’s always been like that, friendly, but he’s a dragon when he’s angry.”

            Yoona shrugged before continuing wiping the counter top.

            Sooyeon glanced at the fleeting car of the owner seen through the glass doors of the café. She furrowed her brow in concentration.

            Mr. Lee…

The End

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