Part 4

             Yuri slowly pushed the glass door and went inside the café with Sooyeon in tow. The moment they went inside the shop, every eye turned to them and after some moments, shouts of joy filled the whole café as two employees as well as an old-aged chef rushed towards Sooyeon.

            “How are you feeling now Unnie?” A doe eyed girl who was behind the counter a while ago checked Sooyeon for any bruises while the other girl who looked a bit younger simply stared at Sooyeon with teary eyes. The man in the chef attire on the other hand simply stood at the back smiling at the four.

            “I’m quite alright now Yoong. No more bruises. I’m just waiting for some wounds to heal.”

            Sooyeon then glanced from person to person.

            “I want to thank you Yoong, Hyunnie, and Uncle Kang for visiting me in the house. And sorry for being gone for so long.”

            “That’s ok Unnie. As long as you’re ok now.”

            The one called Hyunnie smiled warm heartedly at Sooyeon and clasped her hand. The other three people in the café merely nodded. Mr. Kang then turned to the two younger people.

            “Ok kids. Go back to your places. We still have work to do.”

            Suddenly, a guy, holding an apron, emerged from inside the kitchen. He stared at the people huddled in the center of the café and looked at the source of the commotion.


            Mr. Kang immediately walked towards the guy and patted his shoulder.

            “I’m sorry I forgot to introduce to you, Hong Ki, the new addition to our crew.”

            Mr. Kang ushered Hong Ki towards Sooyeon and Yuri.

            “And these” He smiled at the newcomers. “are Yuri and Sooyeon.”

            “Hi!” Hong Ki bowed down then smiled at the two who also returned the bow and the smile. “I’m Hong Ki. I’m pleased to meet the both of you.”

            Mr Kang then clapped his hands to gain the attention of everyone.

            “Now that we’re finished with the introductions, let’s go back to our respected places shall we? We still have work to do.”

            The Yoona and Seohyun nodded at Uncle Kang before giving Sooyeon a hug. Hong Ki on the other hand gave Yuri and Sooyeon a handshake. Seohyun then went back to wiping the tables , Yoona went back behind the counter, and Hong Ki disappeared behind the door of the kitchen. Uncle Kang smiled at the three and then turned towards Yuri and Sooyeon. He nodded  at Sooyeon and patted her shoulder.

“I’m glad you’re alright now Sooyeon. I hope you fully recover soon.”

Mr. Kang then turned to Yuri.

            “Yuri, tour Sooyeon already. I would love to still talk to the two of you more but Mr. Lee called and he said he’d pass by today.”

            “Mr. Lee? Oh, ok then Uncle Kang. Thank you.”

            Yuri and Sooyeon bowed down to Uncle Kang before Yuri motioned Sooyeon to follow her. They went to the farthermost corner of the café and went inside the first door. It was a room with a few lockers on the wall. Yuri pointed at the second locker as she went to the first and opened it.

            “That’s your locker Sooyeon. Your uniform is in there.”

            Yuri then pointed towards a door on the left corner.

            “The comfort room’s there. You could change there. I’ll just change here.”

            Sooyeon just nodded and proceeded into putting her stuffs inside the locker and taking out her uniform. But before she left to change, she turned to Yuri.

            “Uhm… Yuri…”

            Yuri, who’s now holding her uniform, glanced at Sooyeon.

            “What is it Sooyeon?”           

            “Uhm… Who is Mr. Lee?”

            Sooyeon shyly fiddled with her uniform.

            Yuri face-palmed herself before giggling a little.

            “I’m sorry Sooyeon. I forgot. Mr. Lee is the new co-owner of the Generation Café.”

The End

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