Part 3

Tap Tap Tap

            Yuri sighed loudly as she tapped Sooyeon’s door for the nth time in the morning. She’s been up extra early today for she wanted to familiarize Sooyeon with their work place before work officially starts. And now, she’s been standing in front of the older girl’s room for a few minutes already. But unfortunately, it seems like the girl inside does not want to get out of bed or for this matter, doesn’t want to even answer her calls.

            “Sooyeon, breakfast is ready. Let’s eat before it gets cold…”



            Yuri got tired of waiting and decided to just turn the knob. She was actually already used to entering Sooyeon’s room without permission but she’s been extra careful with her actions these past few days. She didn’t want to scare Sooyeon since she still can’t remember many things. Yuri sighed and slowly turned the door knob… and was surprised when it clicked open.

            She leaves the door of her room unlocked?


            Yuri slowly opened the door of Sooyeon’s room and poked her head inside. She surveyed the room and saw the blond girl still tucked in bed and sleeping peacefully. Yuri’s eyebrow arched up in confusion.

            What the heck? She’s still sleeping after all the calling and tapping I did?

            Yuri silently stepped inside the room and slowly closed the door. She then walked towards the girl in bed with the intent of shaking the sleeping girl awake. She looked at Sooyeon’s peaceful sleeping face and smiled. Unknowingly, she let herself succumb into a magical trance.

            Though you’ve been somewhat different after the incident, it only made me like you more… Only intensified, if that is even possible, my feeling for you… The change was pleasant and refreshing. And whatever character you may adapt, the purity of your heart still shows…

            Her smile widened.

            Do you… ever realize… that you look like a Goddess that came down from some Mount Olympus, Sooyeon? You’re more than an angel that came down from heaven… You are more than a mere angel… You’re a Goddess… A Goddess beyond compare…

            Yuri reached out to touch Sooyeon’s face.

            Glowing skin, long naturally curled lashes, proud nose, pink lips…

            Yuri’s eyes widened at the realization of her actions. She immediately withdrew her hand and shook her head.

            Babo! What do you think you’re doing Kwon Yuri! Now’s not the time to tell her, much more show her how you feel! Quit being selfish you babo!

            Yuri then glanced at the still sleeping girl and sighed in relief upon seeing that Sooyeon did not even stir from her sleep. She then slapped her cheeks a few times before proceeding in the original plan: waking Sooyeon up. She continuously shook the sleeping girl, lightly at first, to wake her up.

            “Sooyeon. Sooyeon. Wake up already… Breakfast’s ready… We have to be at work extra early so you’ll have time to familiarize with the environment…”

            Sooyeon’s eyes slowly fluttered open and her eyes immediately flew to the one shaking her up.


            Yuri smiled at the childish tone of the voice but immediately bit her lower lip to prevent herself from going into another trance. She nodded at the cute sleepy girl.

            “Sorry for waking you up this early. We have to get there extra early to familiarize you with the work place.”

            “Oww… ok.”

            Sooyeon merely nodded slowly.

            “I’ll be out in a while. Thank you Yuri.”

Yuri merely nodded at Sooyeon before going out of the room.

You’re a weird… yet interesting girl Yuri…

Sooyeon got out of bed and went straight to the bathroom.

The End

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