Part 2

We’re here.” Yuri slowly stopped in front of a worn out looking mansion at the end of an isolated road. She then nodded at Sooyeon, who was just a few steps behind her, and gestured the latter to come closer. The latter did, albeit reluctantly. Yuri took a step forward, spread her arms joyfully and inhaled a lung full of air. She then closed her eyes for a moment, trying to savor the air, or probably the memories, before opening them again and staring at Sooyeon. Then, with her still outstretched hands, she emphasized the meaning of her words.

“This place… is the home of our childhood memories.”

Sooyeon looked at the big worn out gate and the nearby trees with curiosity before turning back her attention to Yuri who was now grinning joyfully.

“Remember anything?” Yuri glanced at Sooyeon, with eager expectation in her eyes only to be met by a slow and sad shake of the head before the latter looked down.

“Well then…”

Sooyeon was surprised when she suddenly felt Yuri’s hand intertwine with hers. She then looked up to find a smiling Yuri with an excited expression.

“… let’s go inside Sooyeon!”

Yuri pushed the large gate open and pulled Sooyeon inside. The latter just continued to look curiously at their intertwined hands. A few moments after, a smile graced Sooyeon’s features as she slowly lifted her head up. She then started running fast with the other girl beside her.

She is such an interesting girl.


            Yuri and Sooyeon ran inside the abandoned orphanage and visited its every nook and cranny with Yuri acting as a very jolly tour guide and Sooyeon as the curious tourist.

They ran up the stairs with the total abandonment of little kids as Yuri spoke of the days when Sooyeon would ran up and down the same stairs with some other kids at her tail because of the pranks she played. 

A little girl with golden locks rushed down the stairs in an amazing speed as she tries to evade five angry kids around her age who were trying to catch her.


“What did you do to my dress!”

“Aaahhh! I am wet from head to toe!”

“You are going to pay for this, you prankster!”

“Come back here!”

The girl called Sooyeon looked back at them for a second and stuck her tongue out before gaining speed once again. And the chase went on, up and down and up and down the stairs accompanied by constant shouting from the five kids chasing the girl with the golden locks.

Yuri and Sooyeon then went from room to room as Yuri told Sooyeon the tales of their childhood; when they would play around, study together and play pranks together. Yuri then opened the door of an enormous yet now bare room with a now peeling paint sign saying G20 which she said was once a library, the only place Sooyeon and she avoided because of the “boring” books and the strict room master.

Sooyeon playfully ran towards the further most table upon entering the library premises. She then pulled a tan skinned girl who was about to sit on a chair.

“Ouch! Sooyeon!”

The yelp earned them the glare of the librarian as well as the other people in the room.


Yuri bowed down to everyone in apology before glaring at Sooyeon. The latter just grinned at her before letting her arm go. Sooyeon then motioned them to leave the library premises immediately. Yuri looked at Sooyeon questioningly before shaking her head.

“Do you hate this room that much?”

Sooyeon just grinned at Yuri from ear to ear before dragging her out of the library.

 After the library room, Sooyeon was then dragged by Yuri into the next room which the latter said was the forbidden room of their childhood. The medium sized room was their headmistress’ room. Yuri strolled around the room, dragging Sooyeon, as she talked of the days that they would try to sneak inside and marvel at the things above their headmistress’ dresser. She also lightheartedly talked about the time that they got caught and got punished because of touching some of the “colorful” things above the drawer.

Yuri continued to look outside nervously while Sooyeon enthusiastically surveyed the different bottles, boxes and sparkling stuffs on top of their headmistress’ dresser.

“Sooyeon…” Yuri nervously whispered Sooyeon’s name to catch the latter’s attention but Sooyeon chose to ignore Yuri as she continued to now touch the different bottles on top of the dresser.

“Let’s go now Sooyeon… Miss Kang might come home any minute. She might see us here..”

“Yuri look at this!”

Sooyeon handed Yuri a purple cylindrical thing.

“What’s this?”

Sooyeon grinned at Yuri and pointed at the end of the stick.

“Turn that.”

Yuri examined the cylindrical stick with apprehension but her curiosity won over so she did what Sooyeon told her to do. Yuri’s eyes widened upon seeing a red stick slowly emerge from inside the purple cylindrical stick. Sooyeon just grinned beside the amazed Yuri. She giggled.

“I bet that’s what makes Miss Kang’s lips as red as ripe apples.”

Sooyeon took the stick from Yuri’s hand and grinned mischievously.

“Let’s try it!”

“But Sooyeon…”

Sooyeon grinned at Yuri and showed her the red stick.

“Don’t tell me you’re not curious?”

Slowly, a smile graced Yuri’s face as the two caved into their curiosity and sampled every box, bottle and cylindrical sticks on top of the dresser.

Yuri faced the wall where the dresser had been and grinned. She then glanced at the girl beside her.

“We looked like some hideous beings that day, something Miss Kang found out because we couldn’t remove all the make-ups. And thus, we ended up scrubbing the stairs.”

Yuri grinned from ear to ear and this action as well as the story made Sooyeon smile warm heartedly and after a few seconds, both of them ended up laughing out loud. Yuri then tried to catch her breath, nodded at Sooyeon and dragged her out of the room after a few rounds of laughter.  She then dragged Sooyeon to the other rooms in the worn out mansion.

After that energetic tour from room to room, the two ran down the stairs once again and turned towards what seemed to be a kitchen. Upon stepping at the tiled floor, Yuri once again reverted to storyteller mode and started telling about the tales of hidden breads, kept for midnight snacks, and shared meals between them. She told Sooyeon of their playful meal fights that when caught, sends them both to detention or adds punishment to their already long list of punishments. She told Sooyeon of that cheerful, playful and friendly kid who grew up with her. With a smile on her face, she told her of the times they had together, the joy they had, and the fights they went through. She pointed at every blemish on the tiled floor and the wooden floor and told Sooyeon the story behind them. Yuri took Sooyeon on a joyful tour back to their childhood…

After the little tour around the house, Yuri then suddenly dragged Sooyeon towards the back part of the orphanage. There at the backyard was what seemed to be a big playground in better days but was now diminished into two swings which were in a surprisingly good condition. Sooyeon glanced at Yuri who just smiled at her in return.

“Let’s go!”

Yuri dragged Sooyeon towards the swing and made her sit down on it while she positioned herself at the back of the swing.

“Hold on tight!”

Yuri playfully pushed Sooyeon’s swing which made the latter yelp in surprise and made her hold tight into the chains.


Yuri just laughed at Sooyeon’s reaction and slowly walked towards the other swing. Sooyeon continued to glare at her but suddenly stopped doing so when she noticed a tad shift in the mood of the now sitting Yuri.

“Is there something wrong Yuri-yah?”

If I did not desire to leave the orphanage, would things have been different?

Sooyeon furrowed her brow in confusion and worriedly leaned towards the still unresponsive Yuri before calling her out again.


Yuri was jarred out of reverie at the sound of the louder call. She abruptly lifted her head up and smiled at the worried Sooyeon. But Sooyeon, unfazed by the smile, still looked at Yuri worriedly.

“Is there something wrong Yuri-ah?”

Yuri simply shook her head in response.

“Sorry Sooyeon. I was merely reminiscing.”


Yuri turned to Sooyeon and nodded.

“This is the place, four years ago, where I asked you to come with me to the city. I was such a dreamer back then. I thought that with our joint perseverance, everything would be possible…”

Yuri sighed.

“ Yuri…”

Sooyeon’s thoughtful voice made Yuri lift her head up to look at the girl on the swing beside her. Her curious face was then met by Sooyeon’s delightfully smiling one.

“Yuri… I may not remember anything at the moment but judging by the last few days I’m with you, I’m pretty sure I did not regret coming with you.”

Sooyeon gave Yuri another smile before she stood up. She then slowly stretched herself and yawned.

“Let’s go back now Yuri.”

She glanced down at Yuri who was still sitting on the other swing.

“Thank you so much for the tour. It was marvelous.”

Sooyeon yawned again.

“But I really need my beauty sleep now…”

Yuri slowly stood up upon hearing Sooyeon’s answer. She then gave the latter an amused smile and a chuckle.

“And since when did you become such a sleepy head?”


Sooyeon glared at Yuri who got choked on her saliva upon seeing Sooyeon’s reaction.

“uh… err… All right then… Hop in!”

Sooyeon just stared at Yuri with a confused expression as she watch the latter turn around, drop down and bend one knee.


Yuri looked behind upon realizing that Sooyeon was still not hopping on her back. She found the latter worriedly looking at her back.

“I said hop in Sooyeon.. Don’t worry, I’ve done this so many times.”

Yuri gave Sooyeon a wink which caused the reddening on the latter’s cheek. In order to hide the slight blush, Sooyeon immediately hopped on Yuri’s back and hugged her neck. Yuri then secured Sooyeon’s position on her back before standing up.

“Let’s go!”

And Yuri started happily running back home with Sooyeon on her back.


Sooyeon stealthily walked towards the bathroom of their small apartment. She passed by the living room and paused for a while to glance at the clock on the wall.

12 midnight.

She then took a quick look at the cellular phone on her hand before continuing her silent walk. Upon reaching the bathroom, she immediately locked the door and clicked open the lights. Sooyeon then proceeded into checking out the walls, lifting up certain stuffs and bottle, and peeking into every nook and cranny as if looking for something.


Right after saying the word clear, the cellular phone on Sooyeon’s hand vibrated. With a serious expression, she picked up the call and leaned on the wall of the bathroom.

“Yes Sir. Everything’s going according to plan. I will be starting work tomorrow. And Sir, I found something.”

Sooyeon then straightened out as she listened intently at the caller on the other end.

“Yes Sir.”

With those two last words, Sooyeon pressed the end call button and placed the cellular phone down. She then slowly faced the medicine cabinet and lightly pushed the left side of it. The cabinet immediately slid to the right, revealing a small compartment. There, Sooyeon placed the phone on her hand. She then pushed back the cabinet on the right place and turned off the lights before cautiously going out of the bathroom and back to her bed.

The End

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