Part 1


A girl loudly pushed open the door of room 221 and barged in inside earning her the disapproving glances of the nurse and the doctor as well as the curious glance of the girl lying in bed.

“Please do behave accordingly Miss. This is a hospital.” The nurse reproached the anxious girl.

“I’m really sorry.” She immediately bowed down in apology before inquiring about the girl. “Is she going to be alright?”

The doctor smiled at her reassuringly and nodded.

“It’s really a miracle how she’s alright and all. The bullet barely missed her heart but surprisingly there are no other complications. She just needs some time to rest so her wounds could heal faster. In a week’s time, you could take her home.”

The tall girl’s face brightened as the doctor finished checking up the girl in bed who, from the very beginning of the conversation, wore a quizzical expression.

The tall girl immediately walked towards the girl in bed and held her hand which made the other girl pull her hand away in reflex. This surprised the taller girl who looked at the girl in bed questioningly. The girl looked scared and angry at the same time.

“Sooyeon, what’s wrong?”

“Who are you and who are you calling Sooyeon?!”the girl in bed shouted which made the other girl’s mouth hang open.


a week later…

“We’re here!”the taller girl helped the girl with the golden locks inside a small apartment. The girl’s eyes roamed around the unfamiliar surroundings and smiled at the simplicity and neatness of it. She was lead into a small couch by the other, who immediately walked towards the kitchen after doing so.

“Just rest there ok? I’ll just cook something for the both of us.” She then disappeared into the kitchen where sounds of utensils being moved were heard.

She reappeared minutes after and laid the food on the table. She then called and ushered the other girl towards the small dining table.

“I’m sorry for making you wait Sooyeon. I was busy with some papers and things this morning so I was not able to cook for the both of us.” The tall girl said as she sat in front of the other girl. The other girl just nodded and smiled a timid smile before putting some food on her plate.

“It’s ok and I’m really sorry for being such a burden to you…”
            “Sooyeon please. Let’s not talk about that. You are not a burden ok? Just eat up and be healthy ok?”

“Thank you Yuri. And I want to apologize for shouting at you last time…”

“It’s not your fault. The doctor said that you’re suffering from temporary memory loss because of the trauma of the incident. It was a natural reaction.”


“Let’s talk about something else shall we? Let’s help you recover your memory soon enough yeah?” Yuri happily winked at Sooyeon who just smiled at her timidly.


somewhere not far from the house…

“I thought you have disposed that nosy girl!” The booming voice of an elderly man who has a surprisingly healthy physique echoed throughout a certain dark alleyway.  His voice carried anger and irritation which made the four men in front of her cower in fear.

“We have Señor…” The leader among the four men tried to reason out but was cut short by a painful punch on the stomach by the elderly man.

“Then who is that girl walking home with Yuri!” The guy called Señor landed another heavy punch on the leader’s jaw which made him fall on the ground. His associates immediately rushed to his side and helped him get up. The elderly man then slowly walked towards them and with anger suppressed in his voice, gave his last orders to the leader of the gang.

“I want you all to find out what she has spilled already and then dispose her… discreetly. Understood?”

“Yes, Señor.”

“Good. But remember, discreetly.”

“Yes, Señor.”

The elderly guy smiled menacingly then nodded. He then patted the leader’s shoulder before walking down the alleyway as five armed guys followed closely behind.

The End

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