“Please spare my life… I’m begging you Sir… I promise to keep my mouth shut… Please…”

A chorus of laughter echoed throughout the deserted park as four huge men cornered a scared girl like a helpless prey. The biggest of the four men, who seemed to be their leader, smirked at the poor girl while the other three grabbed her and held her securely. The petite girl yelped and started begging the three to spare her life. She was weeping because of fear and the pain of the many cuts and bruises all over her body as well as on the pain of the wound on her head.

“Please… Please don’t kill me…”

“No can do. Just following orders.” The leader of the group laughed at the scared girl and then suddenly pointed a gun at her. The girl screamed but that just heightened the look of enjoyment on the leader’s face.

“You are just wasting your energy. No one can hear you. Tsk tsk tsk… It’s a pity because you’re definitely a beauty.”

The man pressed the trigger of the gun without hesitation and a loud bang echoed throughout the park. The lifeless body of the girl slowly went limp as blood gushed out of her chest. The three men let go of their grip on the girl and checked her pulse.

“Job done.”

The man who checked her pulse stood up and smiled.

“Tsk tsk tsk… Curiosity killed the cat. It’s really a pity. She sure looks like an angel especially with those golden locks…”

The three stared at the unmoving body and marveled at the dead girl’s beauty.

“Enough… Enough...”

The leader waved at them and gestured the three to pick up the girl’s handbag.

“Take that bag and all her valuable belongings. We must make it look like it was supposed to be a robbery and not really homicide.”

“Yes boss.”

“As you say boss.”

“Right at it.”

The three answered as they searched the girl for any valuable item to take. They quickly pulled the girl’s necklace and every piece of jewelry she was wearing before standing up and walking away.

The End

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