Doctor: Changing LandscapesMature

I swivelled on my heels straight after I hear the teleport. I wasn't surprised to see my alien friends all stood before us yet was surprised that they were each holding something that looked suspiciously like a camera. I barely had chance to register this strange sight when their leader yelled. "That's the million credit shot!"
 Both myself and Flora turned back to the cave mouth. We were confronted by a huge head snaking towards us, glistening in the sun. It growled in pain as it pushed against the mountain that had grown on its back and reached out towards us.
 "You are beautiful." I said, loud enough for the creature to hear. It growled again, this time less in torment and more in gratitude.
 "Thank you." Flora whispered under her breath. "But this is hardly the time. Look at that thing. It's going to eat us. Shouldn't we run away?"
 I looked at her in disbelief. "Do you know what that is?" I yelled, waving my arm as the ground shook. She told me that she didn't as we fell to the floor. I wiped dust from my face and from my bowtie. As I picked myself up, another growl shook us to the ground. I found myself on my knees, now looking to the aliens who were still on their feet. Half of their cameras were pointed at the head of the creature, half on us.
 "What do we do?" Flora asked, her lips beside my boots. I could feel my eyes glowing with excitement. I had an idea that was going to be so much fun and would work perfectly well.
 My eyes met hers. "Trust me." I instructed her and took her hand. She laughed nervously as I pulled her to her feet. We rushed forward before being thrown to the floor. "Woah! Feels like we're drunk. Are we?" We swayed as we moved on, her laughter growing. "I hope you're beginning to enjoy this." I uttered under my breath. She looked to me and winked.
 We fell at the feet of the aliens. "You better have a good plan, Doctor. Otherwise you're going to be in serious trouble. We began to pick ourselves up.
 "Aren't we already in serious trouble?" She smiled. But there was something behind her smile that I didn't like - she wasn't happy or excited, she was terrified and her nervous energy was taking over. I clasped her hand tighter, willing her some of my strength. I noticed her mouth waver - she was trying to tell me something. "Get me home."
 I smiled at her, offering my sincerest promise. Turning back to the aliens, I took the deepest of breaths and steadied myself. "Do. You. Know. What. You. Have. Done?!?!"
 They all looked at me, each camera focusing in on a different aspect of my face. I let all of my anger boil to the surface and repeated my question in time with the growl of the creature. I could hear it shaking as it pulled its head further out of the cave. Just a few more minutes...
 The leader of the alien party descended to his knees in front of me. "I beg you, tell me." It said with a crooked smile on its face.
 "You may have just condemned the entire human race to death before they were even born. By forcing us to awaken this Voralic Snail, you have destabilised this planet. You have shaken this mountain free from the surface of the world and it is only a matter of time before it will collapse upon Flora's ancestors and she will fade from existence." I hissed. I could see the creature moving, reflected in the eyes of the lead alien as it leaned in ever closer to my face. "And for what?"
 "Entertainment." It spat. "My people have such little fun. There is such little difference from one of us to another, having none of our genders or genetic differences. We take pleasure from others. We stole ships from the Arcrays and the technology to travel in time from..." The alien stepped backwards as the Voralic Snail roared once more. "Our crews spread out over the cosmos with one aim: to document the entire history of everything so that we may return home to show our people everything. But it has been a perilous journey and I am the final survivor of my crew. I have repopulated my team with hostages from the planets where they were lost. They obey me and do my bidding."
 "So you're making a documentary?" It nodded. "Seriously?" It laughed. "Well you clearly aren't doing a very good job. Firstly, destroying the natural habitat of your subjects - not good. Secondly, filming me more than anything else - not good for my ego. Thirdly, Voralic Snails are very hungry." I hugged the ground, looking to Flora and using my eyes to tell her to do the same. She soon spotted what I was doing and copied.
 "What difference does it make what I film? My people know no different. They will think that this snail lives here. I am happy with that. And so are my team." It stepped back in line with the others.
 "Then I have two things left to say. Number one is a question." I shouted over yet another, louder roar. "Why do you act like some dictator or evil mastermind? It doesn't suit you." I produced my screwdriver and it whirred satisfactorily at the aliens. "That's your teleport transmat thingy dead. Ah but that wasn't number two." I watched them struggle to escape but they couldn't. Maybe they had started to figure out what I was planning. "Number two." My voice got louder as I could feel the vibrations of the nearing Snail. "I have heard rumours that mermaids live in the stomachs of Voralic Snails. It's about time I found out if that's true. I do so hope it is." I gave one final look to Flora, told her to trust me and smiled. "Geronimo!" I yelled as the Voralic Snail bore down on us all, swallowing each and every one of us along with a great chunk of the ground around us.

The End

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