Matthew: Left for DeadMature

I opened my eyes ever so slowly. The sun glared at me like some creature's menacing eye, holding me under its burning gaze. Three shadows cycled in front of the sun like the blades of a fan. I squinted up at them, trying to make out what they were.

My limbs felt leaden, my chest heaving for every breath. The Tyrannosaur had beaten me, but I had distracted it enough to the point where it had turned away from the town and towards the herds of triceratops.

What were those things? I stared up at the three airborne objects circling the blue patch of sky above me. One shrieked, a deafening sound. "Matthew?" I couldn't turn my head, but I recognized Sere's voice. I opened my mouth to answer but my lips were dry, cracked and bleeding.

She was too far away still. The circling things were getting closer. Now I could see their talons and beaks, their leathery wings slicing the air like blades. The next time I opened my mouth, I attempted to scream.

The leathery winged prehistoric creatures descended on me. One perched on my legs, staring hungrily at my eyeballs. The second that landed began to tug on my tattered flesh, ripping off hunks to eat. I managed to utter a low moan, but it was not loud enough to scare them off.

I wasn't injured enough to regenerate, but I was still battered and broken. I needed the TARDIS' medical supplies, but the old girl was nowhere to be seen. The third creature landed and squabbled with the second for the skin it had torn off my torso.

I heard Sere's running feet. She screamed at the pterosaurs, throwing small rocks at them. They shrieked back at her, flapping their wings and stirring up clouds of dust. A human voice called to Sere telling her that it was too late, that I was dead. I tried to argue with the stupid girl, but my vocal cords failed me. I was losing my grip on conciousness. Nevermind Sere and that idiot human. Nevermind the pterosaurs which were now taking flight once more, sailing up into the atmosphere.

All I could think about, as blue faded to black, was Gabriel.

The End

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