Gabriel: All the Pretty Little HorsesMature

I shrank back, away from Mr. Nethersole in fear. Where the top of his head should have been, there was a jumble of cogs and things. They were moving and clicking. They scared me. I clung to Grandmum's skirts. Grandmum would protect me. She was a superhero. In Mr. Nethersole's chest was another jumble. He didn't have a chest really, just a cage around the jumble.

"Grandmum?" I whispered.

Mr. Nethersole was speaking but I was too afraid to listen. All the stable doors opened on their own and the horses walked out in unison.

 "Grandmum?" I repeated, tugging on her skirt.

"Not now, Gabriel," She motioned for me to be quiet.

The horses eyes were red. They didn't look very happy to see us. Mr. Nethersole was laughing.

He put his top hat back on his head, "My horses can do so many things, my lady. Would you like to see?"

"Stop this!" Grandmum cried. The horses were circling us now, their mouths open, belching smoke.

"You threaten my entire operation," Mr. Nethersole cried. There was so much smoke now, I couldn't see him. Suddenly I couldn't breathe.

"So you must be eliminated!"


I couldn't hold on to Grandmum's skirt any longer. I fumbled with the fabric for a moment before sliding unconcious to the ground.

The End

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