Serenata: Jaws of DeathMature

The raptor was getting closer to me now. I knew that if I attempted to run, its teeth would sink into my flesh in a heartsbeat. There was nothing I could do but lead it slowly away from the woman and her child, still huddled between the two buildings.

That is, until someone hollered, "Yeehaw!" and galloped in on a triceratops' back.

A lasoo was slung around the neck of the raptor.

"Come here you big bad scalie, I'm a gonna tear you limb from limb if you lay a claw on Miss Song here,"

I looked up to see Sam Buchanan riding her favorite triceratops, Bessy. The raptor thrashed about wildly as the loop of rope tightened around its neck.

"There ya go, settle down now, ya hear?"

I let out the breath I hadn't even known I'd been holding.

"Sam, you saved my life," I gasped, bending over to cough.

She let go of the rope and slapped the raptor on the rump. It shrieked and took off, following the exodus of the town's animals.

"Oh gosh, that was nothing Miss Song," She blushed crimson and dismounted Bessy.

"Please, call me Sere,"

"'Course Miss - I mean, Sere," She stuck her hands in her overall pockets and kicked the sand about absently.

The town was almost completely empty now except for a few small dinosaurs that wandered about, looking lost.

"We should go now, Sere, the bigun is getting closer," She jerked her thumb back towards the direction of the T-Rex.

All I could see was its back because it was hunched over, doing something. Then it lifted its head and all I could do was stare. Clamped in its jaws was the figure of a person, wriggling wildly, pinned in the crack between two of its enormous teeth.

"Oh please no," I gasped, my hands covering my mouth.

Even though I couldn't see him clearly from such a distance, there was no doubt in my mind who the Tyrannosaur was attempting to devour.

"Matthew," I murmured.

The Rex shook its head back and forth rapidly, then opened its jaws. The figure, dwarfed by the size of the dinosaur, was flung like a ragdoll from its teeth.

"No, please no!" I cried.

Sam was silent. Usually she was quite chatty, but the dangerous situation had stolen her words.

"Bessy here can get us to where he fell," She told me, laying a comforting hand on my shoulder.

I prayed that by some miracle he was still alive. The universe is big and complicated and sometimes impossible things just happen and we call them miracles. I hoped that fate would deal me such an impossible happening. I couldn't lose him.

Sam helped me up onto Bessy's bare back. The orange creature made a bugle sound and nodded her head like she approved of me riding her. I laughed through my tears and patted her neck. Sam sat behind me and took up the makeshift reins of rope, "Come on Bessy," She clicked her tongue and the slow lumbering creature started forward, oblivious to the approaching Rex.

"If we move slow like, the Rex probably won't even notice us. It'll be too busy with them little guys," She gestured towards a small dinosaur drinking from a trough, "To even bother with us,"

The small town of Ditchwater slid slowly by. Now that the buildings weren't blocking the sun, I was momentarily blinded by the light. Already I was uncomfortable from having to ride Bessy sidesaddle without a saddle. The hot sun beating down on me wasn't an improvement to the situation.

"I hate to have to be the one to tell you this, Sere," Sam pointed up at the sky where three shapes were circling around and around, "But those are pterosaurs."

I didn't quite understand her meaning, "What's bad about pterosaurs?" I asked, shielding my eyes to peer up at the leathery winged creatures.

"They only circle when something's dead,"

The End

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