Gabriel: MustacheMature

The horse was so fast! All I could do was hold on to it's - what do you call it? The hair it has on its head? Mane, that's it! I held on to its mane and squealed. I loved how Grandmum was making it go like that. I looked back at her, but she seemed afraid.


I looked back to see a wall in front of us. I screamed and flung my little arms up in front of my face, leaning back against Grandmum. Had I been looking, I would've seen a short man step in front of the horsey.

I was flung forward off of the horse because it had suddenly stopped. Grandmum screamed my name. I landed in - on - something soft. I looked up to see that the short man had caught me. He had a weird mustache and a circle over one eye.

"Now what's a lovely lady and a little lad like you mucking about on an infernal machine like that?"

Grandmum got off the horse and came around to snatch me out of the man's arms. She set me down on the ground, patted the top of my head, and turned on the short man.

"Who are you? How did you stop that thing?" Grandmum demanded.

"My name is Mr. Nethersole. If you would kindly let me explain myself..."

I liked his mustache. It was funny looking.

The End

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