Flora: Sign LanguageMature

I woke up to see a large face staring at me. I felt him breathe out through his nose as the small gust of air hit my face. He grunted in the same manner as the others had done.

"Hello." I said, trying to get up.

He grunted fiercely at me. I shook my head. Then he stopped, clearly aware that I didn't know what he was trying to tell me. He looked at me intently and I saw some kindness in his eyes. He pointed downwards urgently but I wasn't sure what it meant. I watched as he kept checking behind him.

It was then that I realised that I was in some sort of cave but it was more than that - it was where this man lived. He looked behind him again, towards what I now assumed was the entrance. I heard a grunt that sounded quite like a frustrated sigh before he put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down. I tried to get up but he stopped me. Then he grabbed the skin of a sizeable dead animal and draped it over me.

He was hiding me.

I heard footsteps enter the cave along with the grunts of an older man. What was going on? Why had this guy hidden me? The two men argued for a while before there was suddenly silence. The younger man lifted the skin from above me and tried to replicate my smile - the older man has gone.

The man helped me up and watched in confusion as I dusted myself down. I laughed at his expression and he tried to do the same but it sounded more like he was choking than chuckling.

"What is going on?" I asked. He looked at me, smiling. Then I laughed at myself and nodded - of course, he couldn't understand me. I held my hands out in what felt like a questioning manner and shrugged my shoulders. He nodded and walked deeper into the cave.

I assumed he was getting something to show me so I looked towards the light of the entrance. Maybe I could make a break for it? But where would I go?

Then he was stood behind me, tapping me on the shoulder. I smiled at him. He held his hand out and moved it towards him. It was a gesture that he hoped I'd understand.


I followed him deeper and deeper into this dark cave, wondering what he wanted to show me. I started to spy a faint light in the distance and soon we were there. He stopped and so did I.

There was a metal box stuck to the wall with a light in the centre of it. It seemed familiar but I couldn't place it straight away. The man pointed at the box then at me. You and it. So they thought I was something to do with the box. Odd.

As I examined it more closely, I saw a small camera below the light. "So, the light helps the person behind the camera sees things." I said, more for myself than anyone else.

Oh. The light was just like the eye of that creature! I needed to go there since there's clearly something interesting there, maybe something that will help me get home.

I pointed at myself, then pretended to be a monster, shaking my hands and growling. He stepped back in shock. "No, I'm not a monster!" I pointed at myself, pretended to walk and then to be a monster like before. He nodded slowly.

He took me to the mouth of the cave and out, towards that giant creature and the only hope I had.

The End

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