Matthew: Cat and MouseMature

I leaned over the back of the raptor, pressing my chest to its neck to increase my speed. It was going along at a fantastic clip which I could only guess at. Fifty miles an hour? Sixty? Felt like a hundred.

I directed my pent up rage towards the monster that loomed ahead of me, thrashing its head about with a triceratops in its jaws.

Nevermind Serenata and her lack of respect for human life and human belongings. I had reached the dragon, but I had no sword to draw.

Frightened, I sat up and pulled back on the raptor's reigns. It slowed down to a trot, shifting beneath me as we neared the mighty creature. So far it was completely absorbed in playing with its food, ignoring us entirely.

That would change rather quickly.


It dropped the remains of the triceratops. It landed with a splat in front of me, strange colored blood spilling across the sand. I grimaced at the sight of the skull of the dinosaur protruding from the torn orange flesh.

"Do you have any idea who I am?" I roared, dismounting my raptor to stride up to the T-Rex.

The beast was momentarily confused. Its food was talking back. The T-Rex gave a little grunt and lowered its head so its eyes met mine.

"I'm the Master,"

It didn't understand the meaning of my title, but it held my gaze steady. It could smell that I wasn't right, that I didn't belong.

"Fancy a game of cat and mouse?" I whispered to it.

Suddenly its great green jowls opened and it roared in my face.

Time to run. I spun on my heel and scrambled away over the rocks, the heavy slow plodding of its feet coming after me. I was no match for it, it would soon reach me. But I had a plan. A stupid life-threatening plan but it was a plan all the same. I zigzagged across the sand narrowly missing being cleaved in half as it snapped at me with razor sharp teeth.

All I could think about was Gabriel. His laugh, his smile, the way his blue eyes shined when he gazed out at the stars and asked me to name them. I would stand there by his side and name every one just to see the delight on his face. I hoped that I would be able to see him again - that I would survive this.

The T-Rex bellowed in anger, increasing its speed. I was fast, but not fast enough. I tripped and fell headlong into the dirt. Flipping over, massive jaws descended upon me.

I blacked out.

The End

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