Serenata: We're Not HeroesMature

"I won't let you get yourself killed!"

"Even if I do die, I'll regenerate,"

"You don't know that, you have no idea if you have any lives left you told me that yourself,"

"Someone has to stop that thing before it destroys the whole town,"

"Think of Gabriel!"

"I am thinking of him!" Matthew roared, yanking hard the raptor's reigns.

It squealed in protest and pulled back, trying to escape the Time Lord's wrath. I had never seen Matthew so angry. His ice blue eye fixated upon me, cold, while the other burned like fire, amber in the sunlight. His black bangs were plastered to his forehead with sweat. Now, he ran a hand through them, attempting to peal them back from his skin. He turned his attention away from me for a moment. I followed his gaze to see a woman and her son running across the road to find shelter while a crazed raptor bit and snapped at anything that moved. I supposed he was thinking of me and Gabriel when he looked at them, but Gabriel wasn't here. There was no need for him to try and fight the tyrannosaur.

"You shouldn't have to risk your remaining lives for these," I forced myself not to say humans, "People!"

"Think Sere, think about what your father would do. Your precious Doctor," There was venom in his voice as he spat out my father's title.

He was reverting back to something ancient and evil and it scared me.

"Everyone is almost out of the town, they're safe." I tried to comfort him, calm him down, "If you go out to fight it the only person who will die here is you,"

Matthew looked back at me, "I won't let it destroy these peoples' homes,"

"What about our home Matthew? Don't you want to get back to it in one piece?"

He decided to end the arguement by mounting the violet skinned raptor. It shifted uneasily beneath them as the distant rex let out a guttural roar. Steering it away from me, he snapped the reigns. He was leaving me.

I hitched up my restrictive skirts and attempted to run after him, "Matthew please!"

A lump formed in my throat, making it difficult to yell at him, "We're not heroes!"

I had to stop running. I watched as he weaved through the town buildings and set off across the sand.

A child's scream distracted me. I turned to see the woman and her son pinned between two buildings by a rabid raptor. Its snapped at them, foam dripping from its open mouth. Thinking fast, I stooped to pick up an abandon blacksmith tool and threw it. The metal object thwacked it square on the nose.

"Oi! Pick on someone your own size!"

It twisted its neck around to stare at me. Removing itself from where it was wedged between the bank and the post office, it began its slow and steady advance towards me, hissing. Spittle dripped off its open jaws.

"Well, that wasn't such a great idea," I muttered.

The End

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