Doctor: Guessing GameMature

My eyes stayed shut even when we arrived. I had decided to play a little game and see if I could figure out who was messing about with time without needing my sight. I started by listening for an sound but there was nothing. Clearly none of them were moving around. I stomped once in the hope that it would get a reaction but there was still nothing. I turned my head to try to pick up any sound but there didn't seem to be anything that I could attribute to a living being at any rate.

It didn't sound like I was in a spaceship. More like a house or building of some sort. But that couldn't be right.

"Where am I?" I asked. But there was no response.

I began to smell the air. Each sniff was longer and larger than the previous but I still  couldn't tell who I was with. There was no clear smell of any being in the air but there was something odd - a chemical that was not native to Earth. I pinched one nostril, then the other to check. Definitely crayendosite. "Developed by the Arcrays on their planet Crayzia." I stopped myself. There was nobody there who needed to be told that. I didn't like being alone. There wasn't even anyone in this time zone who was interested in what I had to say.

Flo. Oh. "What have you done to her?" I asked. "I want to know where she is!"

But there was still no response. If there was crayendosite in the atmosphere then who knows what could have happened to evolution. Who knows what could have happened to her?

There were thousands of questions running through my head. How could there be Arcrays here on Earth at this time? What did they want? Where was Flora? Was she in danger? Where was everyone else? Were they in danger?

"Stop Doctor. One thing at a time." The Arcrays never had the technology to travel in time. So they must have stolen it from some other species.

"Stop Doctor." A quiet voice repeated at me. I turned on the spot, trying to find out where the voice had come from.

Then I remembered that my eyes were still shut. I reached out, not ready to finish my game just yet. There appeared to be some sort of sofa behind me. My hands moved out in front of me.

My eyes shot open. My hands grasped the bars of my cell. How could I have been so stupid to assume that they would have taken me straight to them? I was a prisoner and I hadn't even noticed. But I wasn't alone.

The robot was on the other side of the bars, looking at me.

"What?" I asked bluntly.

"Complete question." It warbled.

"What do you want?" I threw in a little sneer though whether it would compute that was another question.

"What do you want?" It repeated at me in the soft voice again.

A screen fizzled into life in the background. An alien appeared on it - it wasn't anything that I had ever seen before. It's voice was high pitched and fast. "To know what you are doing here. Tell us now."

"You locked me up!" I yelled at the screen. "What makes you think that I'll tell you?"

The alien on the screen flickered away. In its place there was an image of some sort of horrible insect parasite. As it moved, another grew on its back until there were two of them. They continued to multiply until the alien replaced them on the screen. "These creatures will be injected into your bloodstream. They will kill you in seconds."

"Oh." I muttered, wondering how I was supposed to get out of this one.

The End

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