Gabriel: It's MagicMature

I held on to Grandmum's hand because not too long ago I'd fallen in a mud puddle. Now my favorite swimming trunks were all muddy. I was glad nobody cared that I didn't have a shirt on.

Grandad always says, 'No shirt, no service'.

"When are we Grandmum?" I tugged on her hand and looked up at her.

She smiled down at me, "I don't know darling, but we'll figure it out soon, don't you worry,"

She squeezed my hand a little tighter. I kept looking at the horses. They were really big and pairs of them moved in step like they were synchronized. Synchronized. Grandad taught me lots of big words.

"Something's wrong," Grandmum said.

I saw a lightbulb samshed on the sidewalk just ahead and let go of her hand to investigate. Investigate.


I knelt down to look at it. Even though it was broken, it was still flickering a little bit on all its own. Grandmum hovered over me.

"Grandmum, look its magic!"

The End

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