Flora: Streams and CavesMature

I remember the blinding light but that's when everything stopped.

When I opened my eyes, I was somewhere different. The floor was much rockier than before and seemed to go on forever. I could see mountains in the distance and assumed that the plateau was up there somewhere. He was up there somewhere. I sighed and sat up, rubbing my head; when they teleported me here, I must have bumped my head somewhat as I could feel the blood trickling down my forehead.

I sighed again and decided to give up on being positive. I was miles away from anywhere or anyone who could help me. Alone and lost - not good. I decided to survey my surroundings. It was mostly flat around me with a couple of little bumps in the ground. I could hear a stream nearby so I pushed myself onto my feet and started to explore. I had just managed to make my way around the corner when I saw it.

It was a thin stream of water that was flowing steadily through the dusty plain. Lowering myself onto my knees slowly, I ran my fingers through the water. It washed the few drops of blood off them. I lowered my head into the stream, making sure that my hair get too wet. The blood was quickly washed away, sending red waves down the stream into the distance.

I cupped my hands together and tasted some of the water. It was cooler than I had expected but soothed me. My breathing was heavy and I needed to do something about that quickly before I passed out. It didn't seem real that I was on Dunakis with that guy Matthew only a few hours ago. And now where was I?

Someone poked me in the back. A smile grew on my face, assuming that it was either that strange man or the robot since either of them would be able to take me away from here. I got up quickly. "So glad you found me."

But when I turned around, there was a strange man in very little clothing looking at me in confusion. I flashed him a warm smile when I saw the club in his hand.

"Hello." I said softly and slowly. "I am your friend."

The man backed away, grunting. He pointed his club at the nearest cliff. I could see that there was a cave near the bottom of it. I nodded and began to walk in that direction. His eyes followed me every step of the way without actually moving. He grunted again.

"It's alright." I said. "I don't want to hurt you."

But then I noticed a few more of the scantily clad cave men approaching. None of them had come from the cave.

"What's in there?" I asked. A horrifying roar filled the air, prompting the men to run away. I wanted to laugh but knew that there must be something nasty in there. I looked back into the darkness of the cave and saw two giant red eyes staring back at me. A tiny scream escaped my lips and I ran away, following the cave men.

Right into a group of about thirty of them. I smiled but they all grunted. It was an angry sounding grunt. I didn't see which one of them hit me but knew that whoever it was, they were behind me and used their club.

The End

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