Matthew: Rex CountryMature

After the kind raptor-riders had given me clothing, I found myself in the company of the local blacksmith. Seeing as I had no money spare a few old Gallifreyan coins I kept for good luck, I had ventured to find myself some sort of lodging. The only person in town who showed their pity was Mr. Dean Wellings, the blacksmith.

I would be something of an apprentice in exchange for a good night's sleep at the stables.

My job was to hold the feisty dinosaurs while he 'shoed' them. The shoes consisted of metal plates which were attached to the bottom of their feet. My task was much harder than I had first thought.

I was currently holding a young raptor, a light blue in color. She studied me with her big yellow eyes, making strange noises as she nuzzled my shirt. The monsters that populated the town seemed oddly tame.

Mr. Wellings, using tongs, carried a pan filled with liquid metal to the raptor. He kicked her left foot with his boot. She picked it up, almost daintily, holding it close to her breast.

"Alright, now hold her tight son, she ain't gonna like this one bit. This is her first shoeing,"

The raptor set her three toed foot in the pan which was shaped perfectly to accommodate it.

She squealed at first, but it soon turned to a roar of rage. The raptor shook her head. It took all of my strength to hold her down, and I still found my feet slowly lifting off the ground as she reared her head back. The whites of her eyes showed, and had she been a horse, her ears would have been laid flat against her head.

"Easy girl!" I gasped, tugging her head back down. She snorted loudly out her nostrils. Steam rose from the pan.

Mr. Wellings took the pan away. Coating the bottom of the foot was a thick layer of metal, segmented so she could move it freely.

One more to go.

The double doors leading inside the barn burst open. Standing in the swirl of dust, the western sunset framed behind her, her hair lit like a flame, was my wife.

"Sere!" I cried, stumbling towards her.

She laughed, opening her arms to embrace me. But we never touched. A terrible earth-shattering roar broke the moment. We found ourselves collapsing into one another, Sere clinging to me in fear.

Someone shouted from the bar across the dirt road, "Rex is a coming!"

Women began to scream, children crying intelligible words. Raptors reared up in fear, taking off and dumping their riders. Stegosaurus hauling carts filled with goods stopped and thrashed their tails against the ground.

The town of Ditchwater was thrown into turmoil. A great scaly head was seen in the distance, it's red eyes gleaming in the last light of dusk.

"Tyrannosaurus Rex," I murmured.

Mr. Wellings came to stand beside us, "This is Rex Country, son,"

So it was.

The End

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