River: Escape PlanMature

I saw the man lunge for Gabriel and gasped. He ducked out of the way of the flailing arms and ran towards me. He offered me the keys as he trembled by my side.

“Clever boy.” I mumbled, thinking about what we could do next.

There was an angry man at the only way in or out of our cell – he was going to pose a slight problem. I looked him up and down to see if he had any sort of visible weakness but I couldn’t spot anything. He caught my gaze and smiled mischievously. He stopped trying to get to us and relaxed. He had figured it out and had decided to play the waiting game.

“He’ll starve us.” I muttered to myself, forgetting that Gabriel was in earshot.

“What??” he yelled in shock.

I knelt down beside him. “Well he wants his keys back and so we might have to trade them for food. Unless.” My mind ticked over an idea and I smiled to myself. I winked to Gabriel and he nodded innocently.

“Have you got a plan?” he asked, poking me in the side. I nodded and stepped forward.

“So you want your keys back yeah?” I addressed the man who simply smiled. “I don’t think I want to give them to you though.” I was almost in his reach when I stopped. “Come and get them.”

He tried to grab me but we both knew that he wasn’t going to manage it. I let out a small laugh before retreating to the far side of the cell – and to the small crack in the wall that was our window. “What if I drop them? Will you ever get them back?”

“Don’t!” the guard yelled. The tone of voice did it for me and so I stuck my hand out of the window. He could just about see the keys in my hands.

Then I let go of them. I pulled my hand back into the cell and turned just in time to watch the guard dash off.

“What did you do?” Gabriel asked.

“I did something clever. You see, we can’t get out of here without the keys now can we?” He shook his head. “So he can leave us alone and go find them yeah?” He nodded. I reached through the crack and retrieved the keys from their hiding place. “So I hooked them onto a sticky-out bit of the wall and pretended to drop them.” I darted across the room and unlocked the door. I ushered him out and grabbed the keys.

I told him to run and followed him, stopping only to briefly look at one of the other prisoners in more detail. There was something about him that looked extremely peculiar but he hid away in the darkest recess of the room so I couldn’t see him clearly enough. Gabriel turned to see me. I ran after him, racing in front. “I’ll race you out!”

The End

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