Serenata: DitchwaterMature

It had been three days. Three days stuck in a time period where dinosaurs should not be, yet there they were.

Sam had showed me around her farm where they raised herds of triceratops like cattle. Unfortunately this meant they ate their meat. I was horrified at first before trying some and finding it was quite good. She had forced me into an atrocious blue dress and bonnet, the corset done up until I could scarcely breathe.

On the second day, her father returned from a town called Ditchwater, talking about a newcomer who had arrived with a few of the herders. My heart leaped into my throat as he described him.

Sam and I were outside, her father mounted atop a velociraptor.

"The young fella was stark naked spare a pair of the strangest colored underwear. He had eyes the color of a triceratop's egg and hair as black as midnight."


"Did he have a British accent?" I inquired when Dave, Sam's father, took a breath.

"As a matter of fact, he did! Friend of yours?" Dave took off his hat, swatting at a horsefly with it.

"Husband," I muttered.

Samantha turned to me with wide blue eyes the size of saucers, "No kidding! I didn't know you was married!" I flinched involuntarily at her bad grammar.

"Well, I am. Actually, I have a son. His name is Gabriel. Ten years old," Sam's jaw dropped at this.

Dave eyed me suspiciously. He was probably doing the math and realizing how young I was when I had him. My fingertips went numb at the memory of the blistering cold trek towards home, going into labor, screaming -

"You alright Sere?"

I was snapped back like a rubber band to reality, the scorching heat of the desert settling on my shoulders, weighing me down.

"Yes, I'm fine. Would you mind taking me to Ditchwater?" I asked Dave.

He rubbed his brow, setting his hat back atop his brown-haired head. He had Sam's blue eyes. I wondered for a moment what had happened to her mother.

"It's a two day trip you know," He gestured to the packs hanging on either side of the raptor's haunches.

"I can pay you," That was actually a lie. I owned not a single penny to my name. I would have to find something of value after this little adventure in order to make up for the long journey to Ditchwater.

"Well...I suppose. S'only right to help you back to yer family. Hop on," He patted the back of the raptor.

I was hesitant at first to get on top of this terrible carnivorous creature, but once it made little clicking noises at me, nuzzling my hand, I was convinced it was tame. I sat sidesaddle because of my dress. I could only imagine how my rear end would feel once we got there. The velociraptor started forward, it's long legs striding, clawed feet kicking up dust.

Sam waved a farewell as we rode towards the beaten trail, Ditchwater before us, the setting sun at our backs.

The End

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