Gabriel: I'm CleverMature

I had thought this new place was spectacular.

It was really just rubbish.

They had put me and Grandmum in a prison. There were rats and cobwebs and leggy spiders. I tried to play with one but Grandmum told me not to.

The cell was cold and clammy and made me sneeze. Grandmum started crying, and I didn't know what to do. So I cried too.

It was dark and freezing and there were people screaming to be let out.

I was very scared.

Grandmum stopped crying and told me to hush, singing me a lullaby Daddy always sang to me.

I loved it and it made me feel better.

I pulled my face away from her dress and rubbed the tears from my eyes.


I wandered over to the bars of the cell, peering out.

There was a guard coming our way, swinging a bunch of keys on a metal ring.

Maybe I could grab it.

I pretended I hadn’t seen him, acting all interested with a spider, and then I reached out through the bars and grabbed the keys.

He cried out, grabbing at me. I screamed and ran to Grandmum.

He couldn’t get at us now, not without the keys.

I showed her the keys, grinning like Grandad always grins.

She patted my head, “Clever boy,”

I'm clever! Just like Grandad....

The End

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