Flora: Caught on CameraMature

One moment I'm looking at Matthew and the next thing I know, I'm in a whole different place with some long haired idiot.

This is definitely not part of my job description.

"You aren't being serious are you?" I asked. "This is some joke surely."

"I'm a little busy right now." he muttered before bobbing down behind the camera.

"Maybe it's some elaborate theme park." I suggested, looking around the deserted environment.

"Do you really believe that?" he asked, appearing on my shoulder.

"Well." I muttered slowly. "I don't know. What other explanation is there?"

"Time travel." he said with a grin. "With a little bit of space travel involved as well. Isn't it fascinating?"

He meandered over to the camera, pulling a wand out of his pocket and aiming it at the camera. Sparks flew everywhere. He backed away before sighing and repeating his actions.

"Don't you think that's a bad idea?" I asked, stepping back.

"Probably." he muttered and I could tell that he was still smiling.

This time there were a lot more sparks and a minor explosion that sent me flying backwards. As I landed, I groaned and picked myself up and rubbed my head. The headache was quite bad but I put it behind me.

I got up and found another camera. I looked straight into the lens and for a moment I thought I saw someone on the other end but the face disappeared.

That man - he must have been at the heart of the explosion. I turned to him - he was fine, stood there in some beam of light.

"Tampering with studio equipment is a serious offence. You shall be prosecuted as a result." A voice from the camera shouted ominously.

"Ah." He turned in the column of energy to look at me. "You were right. You couldn't help me could you?"

"What do I do?" I asked before thinking about what I had said. Why was I helping him? I suppose it was because he seemed to know what he was doing.

"Something outrageous." he said with a boyish grin.

"Pardon?" My eyes widened and I looked at him, unsure what he meant.

"Something to get their attention." He nodded his head towards the other camera. "Absolutely anything."

I looked at the camera and smiled. "Got it." I nodded to him before turning back to the camera. I pressed my face up to the lens and smiled. "You want outrageous?" I asked the camera before stepping back to the man. He was hovering slightly so I grabbed his left leg and pulled him down so we were face to face. "Nothing personal." I whispered to him before pulling him into a passionate kiss.

He backed away as soon as he realised what I was doing. "Not what I had in mind." he hissed.

I looked into the camera. "If you want more where that came from then you better let him go."

"On seconds thoughts." he whispered seconds before being releasing and dropping to the floor. I smiled but then I felt something pressing into my back.

Not good.

The End

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