Matthew: Improbable ImpossibilitiesMature

Dinosaurs. In midwestern America, circa 1842. What in the name of Rassilon were they doing here?

I was watching a herd of lumbering brontosaurs being herded by men mounted on velociraptors. I jumped up and down waving my arms and screaming at the top of my lungs, "OI!"

In the middle of my highest leap, I spotted what appeared to be a town not too far off. "Civilization," I sighed under my breath, "Thank god,"

The brontosaurs lifted their heads at my antics, roaring in my general direction. The, wait - that isn't right. Dinoboys? Let's go with that... The dinoboys chattered amongst themselves, their raptors shifting beneath them, unsettled by my antics.

I slid down the bank towards them. They charged towards me in response. Fear gripped me in a vice and with a strangled cry, I tried desperately to clamber back up to safety. I could almost imagine the velociraptor's teeth sinking into my flesh.

It was too late. The largest of the raptors had carried its mount to me. It slowed, its three toes kicking up clouds of dust.

"Howdy partner. You lost?" The man wore a black stetson, a leather vest over his bare chest. His chin was stubbly and unshaven, dark eyes peering out from beneath his brim.

"Just a bit. May I ask why there are extinct reptiles roaming around the old west?"

The man blinked, obviously confused, "Now I don't know what that means exactly, but my name's Jeremiah Quicksilver," He spat on the ground suddenly, uncomfortably close to my bare foot. I moved my toes away from the moistened patch of dirt in disgust.

"Matthew. Matthew Song," I had taken Serenata's last name. Sere. What on earth had happened to Sere? And Gabriel - My boy. I remembered flames...

"You need some transportation it seems. And trousers might be nice too, I reckon?" I glanced down at my swim shorts which were now quite filthy.

"Yes please. If it's not any trouble," I offered a friendly smile.

Jeremiah tipped his hat, "Well get on son, we got a long ways to go till we get to Ditchwater,"

Dinosaurs in the Old West - what's next, cowboys and indians in space?

Curiouser and curiouser...


The End

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