River: Foreign AffairsMature

"Sweetie." I mumbled into the ground. "Sweetie."

I pushed myself up and looked around. Not Dunakis. I ran my fingers through my hair in an attempt to get the dirt out but it didn't seem to work. I sighed and got up, wondering what to do.

I looked around - I was on the outskirts of a beautiful city. I tried to figure out what had gone on and where everyone else was but I couldn't figure it out.

I started to walk through the streets, smiling at the people around me. They were all wearing in large dresses or suits, like the ones that the Doctor would wear on special occasions. They all seemed to stare at me in my boring attire. "Right." I muttered under my breath. "New clothes."

My eyes scanned the buildings until I came across a window displaying just what I needed. I wandered into the shop and started to look around. Everything looked rather old fashioned but with the accurate eye of the owner, I found a dress to try on. "This time I'm going to fit in." I said to him with a smile as he showed me to a back room. There was a woman in there who helped me with the dress, making sure that it was on tightly. I ignored the shortness of breath and smiled at her, picking up my other clothes and leaving.

The owner stood in the doorway to stop me. "Don't you know who I am?" I asked, my voice becoming full of power and confidence.

"Non." he said in a French accent - from that I assumed I was in France.

"I am Professor River Song." I explained, standing tall and pushing my chest out. "Expert in Archaeology."

"Mais qu'est-ce c'est 'archaeology'?" the man queried, much to my horror.

"Oh." I muttered. "No translation then."

I pushed the man out of my way and pulled the dress up, running for my life. I could hear him chasing after me but that was the least of my problems. I was stuck in France without the TARDIS and I didn't speak French. Thanks Doctor.

I weaved through the crowds until I found myself somewhere to hide and think things through. I used a wall to support myself and looked around for any sign of the Doctor coming to save me.

Instead I spotted Gabriel looking around, a wide grin on his face. He clearly got that from his grandfather. I darted over to him and pulled him out of the flow of human traffic. He smiled up at me, ignoring my clothes. "Is Mummy here?" he asked innocently.

"I'm sure she's here." I muttered. Then I heard the usual groan of the TARDIS as she materialised but she didn't arrive. It was just a trace - she wasn't coming to help us this time.

"Excuse me, Madame." A man tapped me on the shoulder. I turned to face him. Wait - he was speaking English.

"Yes?" I replied, smiling. She might not have been able to get to us but she had been able to help us understand.

"You are under arrest for theft." he replied, taking hold of me forcefully.

The End

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