Serenata: Miss BuchananMature

I opened my eyes to find a dinosaur's face in mine. I realized after a few moments that it was a plant eater and wouldn't harm me. It was a triceratops, its sweet orange face filling my vision. Orange? I had no idea dinosaurs came in such vivid colors.

I scooted away from it, sitting up. It made a bellowing noise, nudging my cheek with its beak-like mouth.

I laughed, petting the scaly skin in-between its eyes. I glanced around at my surroundings. I was in some kind of desert, most likely in America judging by the landscape.

"Bessy! You get your fat hinder away from the nice lady will ya?" Someone spat in a thick American southwestern accent.

I stood, moving to beat the dust off my clothes and realized I was still in my bathing suit.

"Now what you doing out here in the middle of Rex territory with nothin' but yer underwear on?"

I turned to the speaker. She was a young woman, perhaps seventeen or eighteen, with chocolate brown hair in large curls which hung down her back in a loose ponytail and freckles that dotted her blue-eyed face. She wore a stetson and overalls, complete with cowboy boots.

"I'm afraid I'm a bit lost - what year is this?"

The woman stared at me with eyes as wide as saucers for a moment before snapping out of it, "Eighteen forty-two and a half, Miss. I'm Buchanan by the way. Samantha Buchanan. You can call me Sam or Miss Buchanan, don't matter either way,"

1842. What on earth was a dinosaur doing in 1842?

"I'm Sere. Where did you get her?" I asked, stroking the dinosaur's rough side.

"Get her? My daddy owns four hundred head of hornies - This here is Bessy, she's my favorite," The young lady blushed crimson at the notion of one of the triceratops being her 'favorite'.

"Dinosaurs are extinct," I murmured, watching as Bessy the triceratops rolled in the dust, her four feet kicking the air.

"I don't know what e-stink means. Would you like to come with me Miss? I can get you some clothes and a place to stay,"

It occurred to me suddenly that Gabriel was nowhere to be seen. My hearts were stabbed with loss.

"Yes please. Thank you for your generosity," I told her, smiling as sweetly as I could.

Miss Buchanan grinned, "Well come on then - the farm's two miles that-away," She pointed towards a small cluster of buildings on the horizon. It looked more like two hundred miles away.

The End

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