Doctor: A New AgeMature

I had the strangest sensation as the planet of Dunakis burst into flames all around me. I should have known that that was going to happen. Why didn't I know that?

"This isn't supposed to happen." I muttered under my breath.

I took one last look at River before blacking out.

I woke up in a barren landscape. I looked around for a bit, trying to acclimatize. "Earth." I muttered after a quick sniff of the air. "But when?"

My mind starting working through the maths as my body relived the experience of the teleportation. I felt my hand shake as it always had done in this body but the feeling faded away. It must have been some sort of safety net - if everyone is in danger, they could get everyone to safety. The only question was why I was here.

I knelt down and stroked the floor. I picked up some of the dust and tasted it. New, it tasted new. I had gone back quite a long time. I looked up to the horizon and saw two things that grabbed my interest.

The first was a body. She seemed relatively young and relatively unconscious. I checked her pulse - she was human. I hadn't seen her before on Dunakis but I had to admit that I had only seen a handful of people during our short visit. Could the teleporter have messed up that much that it sent everyone flying off through time and space?

"Oh." I muttered. "Are you out there?" I yelled loudly. I heard a faint rasp of my ship but she didn't land. She had brought me here and decided that this young girl should come with me for some reason or another. Odd.

"Hello?" I mumbled as I stood above her.

"Urgh..." she grunted. "What...?"

"Good." I grinned. "You'll be fine."

I watched her pick herself up so she was in a seated position and looked at me closely.

"Who the hell are you?" she asked bluntly.

"I'm the Doctor." I informed her as I wandered off.

"Doctor who?" she asked. I span on my heels and tapped my nose mysteriously. I carried on walking away from her so she got up and dashed after me.

"Stop." I shouted, stopping suddenly. But she had too much momentum and I grabbed her.

"What was that for?" she screamed, pushing me off.

"That." I pointed down. We were standing on a plateau that she had nearly ran off. "Now wasn't that careless? There isn't a sign up here."

"Well why should there be?" she asked pointing down. We could both see a small tribe of people milling about. They looked strangely familiar. Oh.

"Dawn of man." I muttered, my mental calculations finally figuring themselves out. "But that doesn't explain this." I stepped away from the edge and started to inspect the high-tech camera that was recording their every move. "How did this get here?"

The End

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