Gabriel: Spectacular!Mature

I opened my eyes very, very , slowly. I was alive, even though the gigantic rock had hit the beach and blown up everything.

I had asked Mommy if it was a shooting star and had made a wish. I wished that I could travel with Grandad and Grandmum forever and ever.

Then Mommy got really really scared and told me to close my eyes and look away.

She held me while everything exploded.

It didn't hurt, I didn't feel anything. I woke up here.

Where was here?

It was dark and I heard something ahead. There were brick walls on my left and right. Don't ask me which wall was which because they both looked the same and I don't know my rights and lefts yet.

I saw horses in the light up ahead. They didn't look right, but I didn't know why. I realized I wasn't on Dunakis anymore and felt my eyes filling with tears.

Sniffling back my loneliness, I wandered into the city. I couldn't just sit there and do nothing. It was boring in the alley - because that's what it was - so I walked out to the street.

 Sleek brown horses with amber eyes pulled big black carts filled with people in pretty gold and silver dresses and suits. The sky was lit with bare lightbulbs dangling from a wire stretched out across the road.

It was spectacular. Grandad taught me that word. Spectacular!


The End

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