River: Danger for TwoMature

The Doctor took my hand and led me off, away from the youngsters. We walked for a while along the beach until he suddenly stopped. He pulled a scarf out of his pocket and handed it to me.

"What's this for?" I asked innocently.

"Blindfold." he grunted as he sifted through his pocket for something else. He snapped his hand out, a mousetrap clamped over his fingers. He pulled it off and dropped in in one of his inside pockets.

"Why?" I asked. "Just why?"

"Don't you have trouble with mice in your pockets?" he asked plainly.

"Mine aren't dimensionally transcendental." I explained simply, putting the scarf over my eyes. I decided not to ask why as he tied it in place.

"Come on." he instructed before walking off. I stood there, trying to figure out which way to go. I knew that I should have taken my surroundings in before I put it on. I followed what I thought was his voice until my feet got wet.

"This way!" he yelled, his feet dashing across the sand. Trust him.

"I'm going to need your help." I said, stretching my arms out. I felt someone, hopefully him take them and direct me. "Are you going to explain whats going on?"

"I rang ahead." he muttered. I assumed he was grinning his usual boyish grin but I couldn't tell.

We stopped. "So that's the last minute detour you and only you could make?" He must have nodded since he didn't say anything else. "Can I take this off now?"

He nodded again. I swear he does it just to annoy me. I pulled the scarf away from my eyes and was surprised to see a table located on the beach. It was a small table, just for the two of us. He had prepared us a lovely romantic meal. "Tada!" he yelled.

"You didn't have to." I muttered.

"But you deserve it." He grinned at me before offering me a seat.

"Nice surprise." I said as I surveyed the area - we were all alone. "What's the catch?"

He eyed me suspiciously. "Why do you think there's a catch?"

"You; that's why."

"Well there isn't. Just the two of us and some dinner. You do eat right?" I looked at him  and shook my head. "Oh." he said, downtrodden. I winked at him before I caught sight of something out of the corner of my eye. I turned in my chair to see a meteor flying towards the planet.

"Is that why?" I asked as I turned back to him. He had already started eating. I wanted to laugh and smile at his cuteness but it wasn't the time.

"What?" he asked after swallowing. He wiped his mouth with a napkin as he looked to the flying rock.

"You got us here just to stop that thing didn't you?" I shouted. I was annoyed and angry. How could he have done that to us?

"I didn't know anything about that." he muttered softly, his eyes glued to it. There was something there, something he was trying to hide from me; fear.

"Are we safe?" I asked, grabbing him by the shoulders. He looked at me and shook his head.

"We've got to get to the ship!" he declared, grabbing my hand and running across the beach. We both looked up into the sky to see how far away it was but it was too close. We both knew that we didn't stand a chance of getting there in time but we kept on running.

It was about to crash into the planet so I stopped. The Doctor turned sharply to look at me. I dashed over to him and pulled him into one final kiss before the chaos enveloped us.

The End

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