Matthew: False StarMature

Flora returned from the restrooms, running her fingers through her long brown hair, undoing a few stray snarls that had formed.

"Ready?" She asked, giving me a broad smile that could light up a dark room without any trouble.

"Of course," I decided that offering her my arm would be overdoing it this time, and ushered her onwards to reception which was in the form of a small grass hut in the distance. She walked ahead of me, her bare feet making no sound upon the sand.

The owners of Dunakis kept things primitive and simple, allowing their guests to relax naturally. I pondered for a moment if I should let Flora go to reception alone. The sooner I returned to Sere and Gabriel, the better.

“Aren’t you coming?” She asked, batting her eyelashes in a flirtatious way I didn’t enjoy. She was rather beautiful, and this only worsened my situation.

Then something caught my attention. Above her, in the sky was what appeared to be another star shining down upon the planet below. The Doctor hadn’t mentioned this was a binary system. In fact, I was quite certain it wasn’t.


“Flora?” I nodded my head towards the false star. She looked over her shoulder, a gasp escaping her lips.

The star was getting larger by the second.

“What in god’s name is that?” She murmured, taking a few steps backward and accidentally backing into me.


Her skin was warm and smooth. The ties in the back of her swimsuit top pressed into my chest rather painfully, but I wasn’t really aware of that at the moment. I was more concerned with the star.

Out of the depths of my still somewhat inactive Time Lord self, I realized it had to be a meteor. I could see the halo of blue around it, a darkened center revealing the rock which was the false star.


“We need to go,” I grabbed her hand, making to pull her away. My eyes were still locked on the meteor which was gaining speed all too fast.

By the time we reached the Doctor to warn him, it would be too late.

My hearts thudded in my chest, pain stabbing them with sorrow when I realized I might never see Sere’s face again or hear Gabriel’s laugh.


“Matthew?” Flora was looking at the meteor as well. It had broken through the atmosphere and was hurtling straight for us.

I embraced her, turning my back to it as the sand and waves exploded around us, threaded with flame.

The End

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