Serenata: StarfishMature

I peered over the top of my sunglasses, watching Gabriel and Matthew rolling around in the sand - wrestling I assumed.

"Don't hurt yourselves!" I cautioned them. Gabriel popped his head up, grinning, "We won't!"

I chuckled to myself, lying back on the beach chair Dad had hauled from the bottomless depths of the TARDIS.

Dunakis was incredible, a luscious tropical paradise that wasn't too hot at all. Mum and Dad had wandered off down the beach, hand in hand, leaving me with the rowdy boys.

I sighed, contentedly. Sometimes it was nice to just stop in the middle of rushing about and saving people to have a little vacation.

Something big and sandy jumped into my lap, scaring the living daylights out of me.

"Gabriel!" I gasped, pushing him off my stomach.

He laughed, wrapping his arms around my neck and proceeding to slobber on my cheek.

"Come here you little monster!" Matthew roared, picking up around his waist and swinging him off me.

Gabriel screeched with glee, laughing hysterically as Matthew attacked him, tickling his bare stomach. I loved those two.

I stood up, stretching, my hands reaching up for the sapphire sky.

"Your turn!" Matthew howled, tickling under my arms. I screamed, ripping my sun hat off my head to beat him with it. He laughed, shielding his face with his arms, falling backwards onto the ground.

Gabriel had become preoccupied with a starfish washed ashore, and was ignoring these new antics.

I laid down next to Matthew, both of us breathless. He turned his face to mine and we kissed long and hard.

"Ewww!" Gabriel moaned.

We broke away, our noses touching for a moment as we looked into each other's eyes.

"Keep doing that and I'm going to throw up!" Gabriel threatened.

We sat up, looking back at our son. His eyes grew wide, "I didn't mean it!"

I shook my head, laughing. Matthew stomped over to him, grabbing him by his legs. He squealed as his father swung him back and forth like a pendulum.

It had been ten years since I had given birth to my little angel, Gabriel. Ten years since Bellona had died. I screwed my eyes shut, blocking out the terrible memories which lurked in the corners of my mind.

"Can someone show me where the restrooms are?"

I opened my eyes, standing to see that a woman had entered our company. She had long brown hair, blue eyes and a tan that made my pale skin look abnormal and sickly.

Matthew gently put Gabriel down, walking over to her, "Yeah, they're through those trees a ways," He gestured to a cluster of palm trees in the distance.

The woman groaned, "I hate this place. They don't have a single goddamn map,"

Matthew cleared his throat, looking back at me. I sighed, nodding.

"If you like, I could show you the way," Matthew offered her his arm. Such a gentleman. I was so lucky to have met him.

"Why thank you! I'm Flora by the way," She gave him an award winning smile.

He returned it with his own, "Matthew,"

They wandered off across the sand towards the trees. I found that Gabriel was torturing a poor starfish that had washed ashore.

"No don't do that!" I told him, prying the stick he had been poking it with from his fingers.

He looked up at me, "Why not? Its just a starfish,"

What would Dad say? "Starfish are people too," Oh God, that sounded ridiculous.

"Really?" Gabriel's dark blue eyes searched my own as though he could find the answer there.

"You bet,"




The End

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