The exciting sequel to 'Tears of a Time Lord'



The year is 1961.

Bobby Fletcher was playing with his yo-yo in the living room, watching the plastic circle move up and down on the string as though it were magic.

The yo-yo slipped from his hand, flying into the lamp and knocking it down.

"Mom's gonna kill me!" He howled, kicking at the shards of glass and porcelain.

"May I be of assistance?" Around the corner came the Fletcher family's housebot whom they had named Toby. The bot was baby blue with silver accents. Bobby thought it looked quite funny, but he never told anyone that. His father was infatuated with it - he had been the one who had named it.

"Think you can clean this up before Mom gets home?" Bobby asked, pleading the robot with his eyes.

Toby swung his extended lens in the boy's direction, "Affirmative,"

The robot moved over top of the glass, sucking up the debris through his base like a vacuum. Bobby grinned at the sight of the clean carpet.

"Thanks Toby!" He patted the robot's head between the two lights fastened there.

"You are most welcome, Bobby," The lights flashed in time with each syllable.

The door burst open. It was Bobby's mother laden down with bags of groceries.

"Can you come here and help me?" She gasped as a watermelon rolled across the carpet, coming to a stop in front of Toby.

Toby moved his lens to stare down at the watermelon. Mrs.Fletcher rolled her eyes in exasperation, "Oh yeah, that's right - you don't have hands!"

Bobby rushed to help his mother, gathering up the fallen fruit and canned goods.

Toby looked on, watching the humans with utter disgust.

The End

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