Chapter 14Mature

We dressed. Corbin in jeans and a blue long sleeved t-shirt that made me want to rip it off him immediately; it clung to his muscular chest. I changed my jumper, because in our frantic moment of undressing Corbin had ripped a hole in the sleeve of the creamy white one I had been wearing. Out of context of me being slightly homeless and possibly jobless, I was excited about starting my new life without my husband, my wedding ring remained where I had put it earlier in the day and Corbin and I decided to go for a walk.

When the weather gets colder, Corbin has the heating on high. When we stepped outside the air was freezing, I gasped and wrapped my arms around myself, until Corbin put his arm around my shoulders, his fingers darted in between the creases of my scarf to my neck, tickling me. He had a beautiful smile on his face, he looked as happy as I felt, that Corbin was alright and that we were together.


We walked up the street at a leisured pace hardly caring where we were heading or how far we were to walk. Snow had fallen the night before and it lay thick and blindingly white, covering everything on the ground. Our feet were not the first to leave tracks but I was eager to start my own trail, it felt like a symbol of my new life with Corbin. I smiled foolishly wide.



The End

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