Chapter 13Mature

The next morning I woke in Corbin’s arms, we had both fallen asleep and for me it was the first night of many of which I slept peacefully, I woke during the night thinking that I was back in hospital awaiting the time I could leave and find Corbin. But when I woke, his warm breath was on my neck and his strong arms held me. 


I dreamt distorted colorful dreams of Luke, memories of us together mixed with his new found personality. I obviously never saw an angry side to him because I had never made him so; I was a good wife besides the affair. I did not disturb his mild lifestyle in anyway. My father had once told me that I would be a beautiful asset, and that is the role in which I adopted. I would go with Luke to business meetings and parties, I would look good on his arm and that was that. When the sky turned a lighter grey I got out of bed, shivering as Corbin’s warm skin brushed off mine.


I got into the shower, lathering myself in Corbin’s mint shower gel, I felt like I was washing away the past week and starting a new. The water was hot and steamed the mirror in front of my face. When I was free of the shower I left my wedding ring that I had left off ever since leaving the hospital in an empty bedside draw.

Corbin woke as I tried to slide the draw closed quietly. The first thing he looked at was my hands.

“Coffee?” I said standing up straight, he nodded sleepily and rolled onto his back, he closed his eyes again.

I wrapped my damp hair up into a bun, letting it stick with wet, pulled a pair of jeans and a white jumper on before going downstairs.


The kettle had boiled over when my phone rang. It was the Crown Prosecution Service. They explained that they had let Luke out on bail, which was to be expected. Luke had one of the best lawyers in Sydney. He could pay his way out of prison regardless of how much evidence there was, he had pleaded not guilty and claimed that I had suffered brain damage from Corbin’s attack. I was furious with the caller, I took deep breathes apologized and listened.


A date had been set for his hearing in two months. Which gave me enough time to file for a divorce which seemed to be my main priority at the moment, I also wanted to tell Corbin to news. I hung up the phone then carried the mugs of coffee up the stairs.

Corbin had sat up when I entered; I put the cups down in time for Corbin to pull me across his lap so that my legs bent over his waist. I put my arms around his neck looking at his face.


“The hearing is in a few months…he’s pleading not guilty and he claims that I have brain damage.” I was still furious, I felt my cheeks redden. Corbin ran his fingers through my damp hair thinking.

“So you’ll need to go to the hearing then…”he murmured, he was still running his fingers through my hair.

“Of course, they’ll need evidence…oh, that reminds me, I must call Sophie” I said quietly

“Sophie?” his face snapped up confused.

“The nurse who came to see you”

“Oh yes” he remembered. I rubbed my fingers into my eyes removing the sleep that had crusted around them; I glanced at the clock it was now seven in the morning.

“I guess now that we know when the hearing is, we can just get on with things…go back to normal” I suggested quietly, I had just considered my work, and wondered what Luke had told the company about my sudden “attack”.

I yawned and looked at him waiting. His blue eyes watched me yawn, and then he took the hand I had used to cover my mouth and kissed the inside of my wrist.

“I want you to stay here” he said his voice rough and low.

“Of course” my thumb brushed his cheek bone.

He lent his forehead onto mine, sighing quietly “I’m still so glad that you are alright. You have no idea of the torment I felt when I did not know. The thought of you in worse condition…” his voice trailed off.

“I think I have some idea…when Luke told of your arrest, I couldn’t bear it” I croaked, Corbin looked away in that moment and I rest my forehead on his neck, I could feel his pulse.


“Your husband is mighty lucky to be alive Nolita, I have never felt such hatred for another person as I do him” I could feel his anger and I could empathize with it. I held such hatred for Luke it almost paralyzed me.

“I know…but he will get his punishment” I tried, thinking it not enough but knowing it would have to be. “Just remember, Corbin, that we are together and that we are alright” I rubbed his cheek with the back of my knuckles. “Please do not call him my husband. His name is Luke”

“To harm you like that…” he shook his head as if he could not bear to continue. I was glad he didn’t.


“He will get his punishment” I said finally. “I’ve sorted the divorce with my lawyer and now that he is on bail he has been notified of a restraining order”

“Good” he said, sitting back on his pillow to take gulps of his coffee.





The End

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