Chapter 11Mature

There was a blinding white light above me and an unfamiliar smell in the air. I wanted Corbin; I fought my weariness and opened my eyes. The floor, walls and ceiling were a brilliant white and there was a male voice speaking my name. To my horror it was not Corbin.


A blonde man with glasses was looking over me, his cold hands took mine and I winced with pain as the needles in my palms twitched beneath my skin.

“Nolita my love” Luke’s voice whispered, I flinched crying out in fear. He gripped harder. “Nolita” his voice changed, it was a bitter hard voice that I had heard not hours before.

“Corbin!” I tried to scream, but it came out as a choke. Luke laughed and then we were joined by someone else.


The doctor had flaming red hair. He had a clipboard and looked over Luke with comprehension.

“You are?” he said in a calm voice.

“I’m her husband, please tell me Nolita will be alright” Luke’s voice had adopted something sickly sweet and polite. I couldn’t move, I was paralyzed where was my Corbin?

“She has sustained broken ribs, which has caused internal bleeding, thankfully we were able to stop the bleeding but she will be in some pain. We will keep her here until she is strong enough to leave”


I was partly glad I would be staying, I was in terrible pain. Each breath I took was agony; however it was worth the pain to call Corbin’s name again.


“Ahh” Luke said suddenly, he shook his head at the doctor “Corbin is the man police have in custody. He brought her in, after brutally attacking her”


Fear like a cold hand choked me, my eyes stung with tears

“What!?” I croaked, sobbing so loudly my voice echoed through the room. I could barely speak. Had I heard correctly? Corbin had been arrested? He had not done this to me.

I wanted to get up, I wanted to go to the police station and get him released, but my body was so heavy and painful. All I could do was cry.

Luke looked down at me sympathetically, I had never hated him so much, his long nose casted a shadow over his mouth, making him look like a vulture.


Luke left me, after giving me that terrible look just to let me wallow in my misery. How could he have lied so easily? What had I missed? I needed to heal quickly in order to save Corbin.


Days and nights floated through the air as I watched the clock opposite my bed. Luke came to visit every day, it made me sick to think of him in the room but every time he came I would ask the nurse to tell him I was asleep. He would bring no flowers.


The nurse was named Sophie; she had a kind face and neat light brown hair. She would talk to me about her on off relationship with my red head doctor. When my throat healed I told her immediately about what had happened. She was so shocked, and agreed she would keep my husband away.

“Oh Sophie I worry for Corbin” I cried, sobbing again. Every thought of him in prison made me weaker and weaker. I was taking longer to heal than normal.

“I will go to the police station. I will see him for you” she promised. I could have hugged her for such a promise.


The day she went to see him was agony. I waited and waited for hours and had to endure Luke’s visit because she was not there to relieve me of him. I sat in silence; he said nothing just paced the room on his blackberry until he sighed into the face of his Rolex.

“Good bye Nolita” he said coldly. “Do not confuse these with visits of love, this is all an appearance. I must act like I care do you understand?” his eyes narrowed at mine. I didn’t answer, his hand gripped mine again hard pushing the needles into my skin.


“Excuse me sir?” Sophie’s merciful voice was like heaven “you must leave right now”

She came around the door and ushered him out.


“Sophie!” I sighed

“That bastard” she shook her head and laid my hand gently in hers. “Corbin is alright my darling!” she exclaimed with a little bit of excitement. “I spoke to a policeman…” she went on calmly, the wrinkles beneath her eyes creased as she smiled “they are keeping him detained until you are well enough to testify, then you can lock that bastard of a husband up!”


“Oh my goodness!” I sighed with relief “did you speak to Corbin? Was-was he alright?” I was crying again, the warm salty tears streaming my face.

“Yes my darling! He was apprehensive of speaking to me at first, but – but He was in worse shape, he worries for you to no end. He cried out when he heard of your condition…” I looked at her in alarm “…but I assured him that you were getting better.” her eyes gleamed.


I lay my head back sniffing. I would get better and sort this all out. I resolved. I would get my Corbin back.



The End

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