Chapter 10Mature

I unlocked my front door and glided through, feeling too happy for words. But something was wrong. Luke was walking towards me, a sick, menacing look on his face. He smiled as he advanced; there was a brief pain, and then darkness.


I awoke lying in front of the door, my head was throbbing and my eyes were streaming with tears. I got to my feet slowly and faced Luke; his icy blue eyes watched me with revulsion.

An anger I didn't recognize emitted from Luke. He was shaking with it.

"How dare you cheat on me? You whore!" he screeched, and slapped me hard across the face. I cried with the pain, shaking with fear. Is he going to kill me?

Luke went to the dresser, and picked up a pile of photographs, he looked at them and threw them at me. They were pictures of Corbin and I, holding hands at the nightclub, behind the pillar at the dinner and tonight, dancing at "la Mounge" I didn't have an excuse, my only hope was that he was going to divorce me. Luke snatched the photographs away and began kicking me, the pain was paralyzing.

"Luke stop!" I was on the floor of our hall way. Luke loomed over me dangerously. He kicked me like a dog.

"Yes, beg me like the little bitch you are" he grabbed the corner of my dress and pulled me up to face him.

"What can a man see in you anyway? You’re disgusting" he spat in my face and let me fall to the floor again. He watched me wipe my face and started to pace the hall way looking over the pictures of Corbin and I. I swallowed my fear and tried to stand, my ankles were weak and I was dizzy with worry.

"Mmm...You are very brave, I will give you that. I have a lot of money Nolita, what made you think that your lover would be safe if I caught you out?"


I stood up, "Corbin can protect himself" I said as bravely as I could. Luke seized me by the neck pressing me to the wall. I couldn't breathe, panic ran through my veins.

"Mmm...I wouldn't count on that if I were you" He smiled wickedly. What had happened to my mild husband? This man strangling me was a stranger to me. He looked quite insane. He punched my face repeatedly, until I was numb with pain and then he threw me out the door.


I thanked he had bruised my face, at least then I had something to show a court, in our divorce. Thankfully my bag was still around my neck I pulled out my phone and called Corbin. The phone rang too many times; I was starting to cry harder - panicking. Finally the phone clicked, Corbin's voice answered, Luke had been bluffing.

"Corbin....Luke - he knows" I sobbed frightened. Corbin hung up on me and within ten minutes of walking towards Corbin's house his outline could be seen moving closer and closer to me. I was limping, crying and bleeding but as soon as Corbin held me. Everything was alright. He held me so close to him, I felt as though I was melting into him.

We knelt on the pavement holding each other, as a warm rain started to pour down on us.

“Nolita!” Corbin was saying, I had blacked out – we were still lying on the pavement meters from my or should I say Luke’s house. My red dress was dark with rain and blood; Corbin’s warm hands were wet as they wiped my hair from my face he was holding me as if I was dying. I wasn’t, surprisingly I felt just fine. I sat up, cradling Corbin’s face in my hand.

“I’m ok” I croaked, not really sounding it. I tried to stand and Corbin helped me up, he looked me over and without a word his arm swept beneath me, carrying me away.



The End

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