Chapter 8Mature


"Nolita?" My husband's voice was echoing through the house. The lights were dim and our red carpet shone. I had had the cleaners in today - so I could see Corbin.

"Nolita?" Luke's voice got louder and radiated through the house.

"Yes?" I asked back, walking slowly - enjoying the sounds of my frantic husband searching the second floor for me.

"I'm not in there" I muttered as I heard the bathroom door open.

"Nolita? Will you come here please?" Luke was angry now. I could hear him coming down the stairs. I stood in the hall, dressed and ready to go.

"You wore that dress the other night" Luke moaned he straightened his glasses on his nose "where-where have you been? I've been looking all over for you?"

"I was here"

"Mmm...Greta told me you had the cleaners in today...why's that?" Luke wasn't looking at me anymore he was sending a message with his blackberry

"I didn't feel like doing any housework...I had…Work to do" I raised my eyebrows keeping my eyes on him as he nodded, pocketed his Blackberry and gave me his weak smile. He hadn't listened to me at all.


During the Christmas season Luke's co-operation and mine held many events and parties. NZair were having a party too. My boss was to say a few words about his colleagues. Drink lots and "get merry" as he would always say. I was more excited about this event, than my husband's and I could tell Luke felt slightly put out that he had to go to it. I had told him it wasn't necessary, but he had looked me up and down and said "Well who is going to take you if I don't?"

The answer to that was only too heartbreaking.


An hour into the party, I was slipping my coat back on and taking my purse from one of the waiters. My husband was sitting meters away eating and thankfully sitting facing away from the exit. I buttoned my coat and trotted out of the doors.

"Nolita?" a voice made me freeze. I recognized it as my boss John "Running away from us are you Nolita?"

" sir, just getting some air" I turned, smiled and nodded to him.

John was drunk than I thought, he hiccupped and bobbed his head at me - returning the smile.


Corbin was waiting for me as I arrived, the frantic messy five minutes of us kissing was well worth it.

He pulled me in without a word, kissing my neck, cupping my breasts, brushing his hands over the buttons of my coat. I pulled him by the collar towards me kissing his mouth hard, forcing my tongue into his mouth, biting his lip. Enjoying him. He wore a white shirt and jeans - he looked good.

"What took you so long?" he murmured, pulling himself away from me a little to look at my face. It had only been hours, yet it felt like weeks. 

"I had to make sure everyone at the party saw that I was there...y'know appearances and all"

"Does your husband suspect anything?" Corbin's voice wasn't worried, more curious and still low.

"He'd like to think he suspects everything....but no I don't think so" talking about my husband was depressing me. I sighed loudly, tasting Corbin's breath on my tongue.

"You look tired" Corbin observed and his arms wound around my waist and up my back so I had to face him.

"I am tired....tired of this life"

It was only with Corbin that I was able to fully evaluate how much my life drained me. My marriage was a pointless facade to hide behind; it was a name that I used but nothing more. My husband made me miserable. I was too good at my job to fully appreciate it anymore. 

"Do not think of it tonight" Corbin whispered. His strong arms lifted me up and he carried me up stairs. 


As he reached the bedroom, he lay me down. Corbin stood at the end of the bed, looking over my body encased in my coat.

"Take your coat off" he said, still watching me.

Gently I unbuttoned the coat all the way down, before sliding it beneath me and onto the floor.

Corbin watched me, and then lifted my feet - taking my shoes off. From my ankles his warm hands came up along the inside my legs.

He leant forward on the bed, his legs either side of my body as he gently peeled away my red silk dress to expose my body beneath. He sighed weakly, kissing my stomach slowly, circling my bellybutton with his tongue. I shivered, running my fingers through his hair.

 I let him have me, he bathed in me. I enjoyed everything he did, and I felt enjoyed. Corbin did everything I wanted him to, he explored me further than I would have ever imagined. Once he had undressed himself, he lay on top of me. Kissing my lips, holding my head delicately in his hands. He was so strong, he moved me with such slowness with such care. The ache to have him was almost painful in my chest, my heart hammered yet we were moving so slowly. He slid inside me again, a calm still emanating from him. His blue eyes looked at my face as we continued. He treated me as though I was made of glass, every movement so comfortable and euphoric. I lost myself within him again.


The sun was high in the sky when I woke, lying where I had been naked, on Corbin's bed.

The bedroom was empty and the window had been opened to let the warm morning air seep in. I lifted my head and looked around.

There was a faint smell of eggs and toast and following the smell I found myself in his kitchen, this room was a little busier. A large green table sat in the middle of the room, surrounded by a stove, fridge, oven and orange tiled counter tops. There were French patio doors, covered with plants and painted the same color as the table.

Corbin stood shirtless flipping eggs in a pan. His hair was in disarray it was the first real time I was seeing him in daylight. He looked up at me when I came in and set the pan down on the counter. I had pulled a pair of his boxers on and a grey t-shirt.


Corbin wrapped his arms around my back again, and kissed my lips slowly. When he pulled away I was able to savour the way his eyes sparkled.

Suddenly there was a strong smell of burning toast.

"Damn" he said then let me go, pulling black marred pieces of toast from the grill.

I took a seat silently and poured the pot of coffee into the cups laid out on the table. He was a real host, everything was set out symmetrically. His place setting was beside mine. I smiled a little.

"Did you sleep well?" he asked he poured scrambled eggs onto my plate then handed me a pot of sugar.

"Yes...thank you" I started to eat, realizing how hungry I was. "This is delicious" I swallowed and took a sip of coffee.

He had sat down and made himself poached eggs....I wondered whether he had guessed I preferred scrambled to poached. That would have been eerie.


There was a newspaper on the table and he absently started to flick through it. I continued to eat.

"Oh this is awful" his deep voice suddenly stated. I looked up, Luke never included me in things he was reading or thinking about for that matter. "How could anyone harm a child? Read that." he pointed to an article and I read it still in a daze. The story was on a local girl who had been missing for months, they found her body, mutilated and naked in the Poloke forest not four miles from us. I was in shock.

"Oh my..." the article made me feel sick.

"I hope they kill the bastard who did it" Corbin took the newspaper from me and started to flick through again "Don't you?" he asked. He was asking my opinion.

"You want to know what I think." I frowned.

"Yes..." Corbin looked up at me equally confused.

"Then....then no, I don't think he should be killed. What kind of punishment is that? To never have to feel remorse or really pay for any of his or her sins? Killing whoever committed that awful atrocity would be like giving acceptance and dismissal to the crime, it erases that it happened and doesn't really give future deviants like them a real example of what could happen to them if they were caught. I'm sure the family of that little girl would feel exactly the same" I was finished. Corbin was nodding.

"I didn't think of it like that" his voice was higher than it usually was as he considered what I had said.

"You are so different to any man I have spoken to" I admitted leaning forward to emphasize how true this was

"Why is that?" Corbin closed the newspaper to actually listen to me. It was so strange I laughed.

"You actually want to listen to me" I was incredulous. Corbin's mouth twitched. My lips stretched wider.

He pushed his plate to the middle of the table, wiped his mouth then said

"Come here"


I got up and straddled him, rubbing my hands up his chest.

"From the moment I saw you" he began "I could tell that you were taken for granted, undervalued and unloved. I could see it in your eyes; these beautiful eyes of yours were like beacons of distress and unhappiness. I could tell you hadn't smiled in weeks. Your sexy mouth..."

I giggled, listening as his fingers traced my lips. "...was pulled down in that heartbreaking way. And I saw your wedding ring, and I thought...who could not want you? Who could not value and cherish you?" his hands tightened around my back. "Who could not love you?" he finished, sighing weakly.


I pressed my forehead to his. Feeling so happy I was lost for words. This stranger of mine was too perfect. He was an amazing lover, a good cook and he wanted me. I'm in one hell of a good dream I thought.

 "I want to take you out to dinner" He said louder. "I want you to get dressed up in your sexiest dress and I will meet you here"

I promised I would.





The End

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