Chapter 7Mature



Corbin and I were in his bed before I would have reached my own home which was a good twenty miles from the Carnegie.

Corbin lay naked beneath me; I had undressed him slowly fighting the urge and craving that I felt. I had not wanted him to ruin my dress. He watched me now, as I lifted it gracefully over my head, I threw it on the floor, letting my hair fall over my breasts. He sat up then, and I felt him harden against my crotch. Gently he brushed my hair off my shoulders and his hands pulled my back to arch, he kissed my breasts then lifted me on top of his stiffness slowly. He groaned and held me close to him. The feel of his skin against mine was incredible. I pushed back and forth against him, letting the rush flow through me. His hands enveloped my face, forcing me to kiss him. His tongue ran down between my breasts, his hands holding me closer and I continued to push until I was too weak with pleasure. I could barely move my lips to kiss him.

Corbin wasn't finished. He flipped on top of me, and began to thrust widely, harder and harder, again and again until I could have screamed with satisfaction. I cried out and dug my nails into him as the feeling spread through me, all the way down to my toes.



"I missed you" I whispered as we lie back, breathing deeply.

"I am sorry" Corbin swallowed, his arms wound around my body. It was like we were unable to separate again. "I should have come earlier"

"Yes, why didn't you?" I felt hurt again; I was reminded of the difficult situation we were in. I being married.

"I had to go out of town for a month and once I came back...I went to the club, I looked for your house but I had to wait until you were separable. And I could not go to your work"

"Yes I guess you are right" I wriggled to get comfortable against him. "Why did you have to go out of town?"

It was a nosy question, but I knew he wouldn't care.

"I had a funeral to attend" Corbin sat up, propping up a pillow behind him to lean on. As if I were a doll his long, strong arms dragged me up to lean against his chest, I lay with my cheek on his chest, and my body tucked around another pillow, I was facing him and saw his face crumble.

"I'm sorry" I whispered "It was someone you knew well?"

"A long time ago, yes" Corbin's eyes met mine, the blue hardening to black. His fingers twirled my hair in its curls absently.

"I missed you" he said, looking in my eyes as if that worried him. I returned his gaze for a moment before I yawned slowly, holding my hand over my mouth.

Corbin lifted me in his arms, raising my face to his. He kissed my mouth urgently, but slowly. When he pulled away, he smiled that small smile and whispered

"Go to sleep."

He laid his arms around me and I fell asleep, for the first time, spent, wanted, missed and satisfied.




The End

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