Chapter 6Mature


The sun broke through his bedroom window and the small clock on his bedroom wall ticked to seven in the morning. I knew I had to leave - Luke would be worried about me. I sat up in Corbin's bed, pulling the duvet up and over my breasts. Corbin remained lying down; his fingers tickled my back as I observed the room in daylight. The floor was laminated oak; his bed was wider than it seemed necessary. His book case still loomed in the corner.

"I have to go, Corbin" I said, turning to look at him. We had not slept much the night before but he still looked handsome. 

Corbin looked over my face and then got out of bed, naked. He stepped over to his drawers and pulled out jogging trousers and pulled them on. I watched him silently.

His chest was wide and muscular and I could fully appreciate it in the light of the morning sun. He ran his fingers through his hair pulling it back and then bent and pulled out a grey hoody from inside the draw. I thought he was going to put it on but instead he threw it at me.

"Put on your dress so you do not have to carry it and then put that on can claim a stranger gave it to you. Which is, of course slightly true" His mouth pulled into that small smile again.

I nodded and got out of bed, pulling the dress over myself.


I wondered what our final words would be. Would he be done with me now? He got what he wanted surely.

I cursed myself mentally for not bringing a hair band, my hair fell over my face and was tucked inside the grey hoody he had given me to wear, and it hung lower than the dress I had been wearing. Suddenly Corbin was behind me, pulling my hair out from under the hoody, his soft hands brushed the back of my neck and there he pressed his lips. That same hunger burned inside me, I wanted more and I could tell he did too. What was wrong with us? We didn't know each other, yet this connection was so strong it didn't even matter. I could not dwell on the fact that I had slept with someone who was not my husband because I felt sick. But Corbin was so different to Luke, I could hardly believe that what Corbin and I did last night was anything in comparison to what Luke would call "satisfying" 

But this connection to Corbin was indescribable. I couldn't form words to explain it, it felt like I had known him forever. The way he touched me was familiar, as if from a dream suddenly made reality.

"Oh Corbin" I sighed pressing my body against his "What are we going to do?"  I breathed heavily, hoping he had an answer. 

"Nolita..." It was the first time he had said my name. He made it sound prettier than it was. He breathed my hair and pressed his lips to my neck, turning me around slowly. My eyes were closed. "When can we be together again?"

So he did want to see me again, I opened my eyes to his beautiful face. I didn't know. I didn't even know if I could bear to face my husband after last night. I had never lied to him, this would be the first.

"I-I..." I stammered "I don't know forget that I am married"

My wedding ring had never felt so heavy and I realized that it was the first time I'd noticed it since arriving here. I didn't dare look at it.

Corbin nodded thoughtfully.


Corbin walked me down his stairs and to the front door. I turned to go, I had to go to work and more importantly see my husband. Before I could walk out Corbin had pulled me back, kissing me harder on the mouth, his hands lifted the jumper I wore, and they cupped my breasts briefly before he bent down I wasn't wearing my underwear - not being able to find the black thong I had worn.

"I will see you soon" he promised, standing up and observing me. I was slightly paralyzed. I tried to smile and stepped out thankful for the clean air on the streets. I knew where I was going and headed straight back towards the club. My car had been parked there and I had to get home to change, Luke would be at work by now. I took deep breaths wondering whether I would ever see Corbin again, I put my Vitara into drive and pulled out and headed home. Thinking through my excuse, my lie to my husband.












The End

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