Chapter 5Mature

His bedroom was very simple, a large double bed, cupboards and dressers and a bookcase stacked full of books.

I got up and out of bed to look at them, leaving my dress on the floor I tiptoed naked to the book case. The night air was warm, the streetlight still flooding the bedroom through the window.

He had manly books, most of the collections by Sheldon, Samson, and Harris. There was nothing personal in this room. I continued to look around until I heard a low cough and turned to see him awake. He had gotten under the covers and sat up watching me.


I got into bed with him and felt him relax as I pulled myself closer to him, his hair was slightly disheveled from lying down, he didn't smile but his face was calm and less cautious than he had been. His hands wrapped around my waist and he turned onto his side to face me, our bodies pressed together beneath the covers and his fingers traced my cheek bones and my lips. I smiled at his touch.

"What is your name?" I asked, bravely for the third time.

"Corbin" he whispered in reply, it seemed there were no need to play my mystery man anymore.

The name suited him; I had never met a Corbin before. Was there going to be anything about this man that did not make me feel almost new to the world?

"Corbin what?" 

"Senka. Corbin Senka” Bond. James Bond I thought randomly then made myself focus.

"Nolita" I replied to his unspoken question "Nolita Brescan. Who are you?"

"Wouldn't you rather talk later?" He whispered seductively. He knew how to get what he wanted.

"No" was my immediate answer but before I could voice it, Corbin kissed me deeply, his tongue entered my mouth slowly but with an urgency, a hunger. I had never been kissed that way before, it built something inside me I didn't even recognize.

Corbin's fingers tickled my stomach down between my legs where he pushed up inside me. He broke away at that moment, to evaluate my face. I closed my eyes and bit my lip as his fingers continued to gently move up and down. I found myself feeling for his hand myself, guiding his fingers further and harder until I wanted more.

"I'm only alive when you're inside me..." I whispered then pulled his fingers away and guided him inside me again.





The End

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