Chapter 3Mature

I hated going out with Jenna, she always made me feel more tied down and reserved because of my marriage. She made my wedding ring, feel like a ball and chain. She was eyeing up the men in the club, pouting her lips at the guys she found attractive. I thought of my husband at home, probably reading - pretending that the fact i was in a nightclub was ok with him. Self-consciously I started to spin my ring round and round. Then I saw him.



In the dark of the club he looked ghostly. His wide shoulders were hunched; I could feel the discomfort rolling off him in waves. His blue eyes flashed towards me, and he curled his fingers beckoning me to go to him. That single movement of his fingers made my heart somersault. A new song began to vibrate through the large speakers, I hardly heard Jenna as she asked where I was going, and I heard her gasp at my stranger. His looks were not missed by anyone in the club, women everywhere were closing in. His eyes never left mine. The heat of the club was intense, and when I reached him and stood within inches of him I could feel the heat coming from his skin. The left side of his mouth pulled up into a half smile and then he took my hand, not in a romantic, flirty way but in an urgent grasp. However, he gently led me to the corner of the club, it was dark and the music was not as deafening. I had to look up at him still, even with high heels on.

"I'm glad I was able to finally find you" he breathed, his voice even in a whisper was hard and deep. His dark hair was pulled back from his forehead; it was wet and looked like he had only run his fingers through it. We were standing so close to each other, our bodies almost touched.


I was finding it difficult paying attention to his words, he said something else but I wasn't listening. I looked him over; his shirt was open low on his chest, accentuating his muscular shoulders. It was a dark color, but not black like the jacket he wore over it.

When I met his eyes again, he was waiting for an answer.

"What did you say?" I asked, I moved closer to him, breathing him in. I was mesmerized, his presence was so calming, I felt safe which was ridiculous, I did not even know his name. I could feel the cold of the wall on my back. It sent shivers up my spine. All I knew was that the man before me provoked a hunger, an urge within me.


"You look..." This time he paused and ran his eyes over my short cut dress, he let out a small groan and pressed himself against me. I could feel his hardness against my leg. I couldn’t stop myself, every memory, every thought in that moment escaped me. My hand flung out towards him pushing my whole body against the length of his.

His face was buried in my hair; I could feel him breathing me in as I did the same to him. My heart was pounding hard in my chest; my skin was craving his touch. His other hand wound itself around my waist and up my back pulling me closer to him, he continued to breathe me in, and I was suddenly taken over by him, I rolled my head back as he lay gentle kisses on my neck, moving round to my jaw and up to my mouth. Where he stopped.

Kissing my mouth seemed too personal; I waited; watching his eyes as he hesitated - unsure on what he should do. He still held me close and my heart was still pounding - he could probably feel it against his own. His mouth was set but his eyes were unsure, he was still debating it but this sudden stop pulled me back to reality. Jenna could be watching.

I swallowed.

"If you're not going to kiss me again, let me friend could be watching"

Slowly, as if relenting, his hands removed me. I took a deep breath of clean air.

"We can leave..." he said, more of a command than a suggestion.

I nodded at him, but walked away. When I found Jenna, she was straddling a cute blonde, who looked ten years younger than her. She hardly paid attention to my lies that I felt sick and was going home, I almost felt stupid thinking that she would have found watching me a priority.

She waved me off and continued to lick the blonde boy's ear.


My stranger was outside, the streetlight illuminating his handsome features. His hair shone wet in the light, his eyes gleamed at me as I came out of the club. The night air felt fantastic, moist and cold against the skin on my arms and legs. My hair covered my back and neck.

A group of women were just entering the club as I came out and one of them cackled loudly and seductively asked my stranger;

"Wanna come in for a drink sugar?" her tongue wrapped around the word "drink" as if it were a code word or a hint. My stranger flickered his beautiful eyes over her face and then away from her.

"Fuck you" she said incredulously.


By this time I was by his side, looking up into his face. Without looking at me, his fingers slid through mine and he started to walk down the silent street. He didn't talk to me, but his arm remained close against his body so I walked closer to him that necessary. He seemed to be enjoying the night like I was. The air was thick and cold, with the scent of salt. The dark sky was streaked with a deep blue and I noticed that his shirt was a similar color. The streets were empty but for streetlamps, but I was thankful for it. His presence was such an ease, it was almost like being by myself. My heels clicked across the pavement and I could see our shadows as we passed street lamp after street lamp.


My hair bounced as we walked at his pace, I wasn't nervous or worried, or feeling remotely guilty. This strange man seemed to lift any negative feeling I had. It was the strangest most pure feeling I had ever felt. I wanted him to possess me, and I knew he would.

"Where are we going?" I whispered, he looked down at me immediately, evaluating my face.

"It is not far" he said simply and continued to look ahead and around in calm as if we did this all the time.


We reached a handsome old building, steps lead up to the brown front door and he pulled a single key from his pocket and after leading me up the steps, unlocked the door. The entire place was dark, but from the street lamp, yellow light streaked into the windows. I could see his face, his handsome strong features. His expression was hard to interpret. He looked down at me as we stood side by side in his hallway. He slipped off his jacket and took my hand again to lead me upstairs.



The End

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