Chapter 2Mature

I was trembling all over; the lights had gone out in my office. I had remained sitting for some time, listening for someone to come and turn the lights back on. I had no idea how to work the electricity but I hated the dark, after a few minutes I got up and stumbled to the door and yanked it open, calling for my secretary. She didn't answer.

"She went home" a deep male voice answered. I knew who it was, even though I hadn't heard his voice before now. That same current swept through me like wild fire and he was behind me, his warm fingers tickled the back of my neck. I was still trembling, but less frightened of what he would do. What I wanted him to do. I stood still, waiting.

"From the moment I saw you..." I whispered into the darkness "I’ve had this...this ache...who are you?"

The air seemed to have escaped my lungs, he took his time to reach me, but soon I could feel his presence behind me. He was close. The lights had not come on, and I wondered whether he was responsible for the sudden darkness.

"Yes..." his voice was almost a growl it was so deep.  “I experienced a similar attraction"

Something warm and wet pressed against my neck and I guess it was his lips. I sighed at his touch, I trembled with pleasure. Who was this strange man?  He turned me around to face him; like you would a child then the lights came on.


My stranger let go and stepped away from me immediately.

"Hello?" came another voice.

I couldn't form words yet. My stranger nodded in my direction, pulling the corner of his mouth up into a little smile before disappearing out of the exit.

"Hello?" I finally croaked. "Roger?"

"Oh Hi Nolita....playing blind man’s bluff?" The caretaker bustled around the corner flicking on more lights, he wore a bright smile.

"Not quite"






The End

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